Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Mary Ann has breast cancer._x000d_
Shirley and Jim both had back surgery._x000d_
Kathy's heart is too slow_x000d_
I drink too much and am selfish.

This has been a year full of pain for me. I had an ectopic pregnancy rupture at the beginning of the year that nearly cost me my life. As I recovered from that, I began having severe stomach and back pain. After months of tests, a surgeon decided that the best thing to do was remove my gallbladder. Initially, I felt fantastic, then the pain came on more severe than before and nothing is relieving it. I have been praying, but to no avail. I simply cannot live with the pain any longer - I would rather die. I want to be with my son, but what kind of mother am I when I am so consumed with pain. So, the tests and sleepless nights begin again. Please Lord, relieve me. Give me an answer! Give me comfort and rest.

please pray the prayer of agreement for my husband Bob,who has suffered a stroke and all that came with it,I plead the blood of JESUS over this stroke, all that came with it, myself and my family. and all area of our life. In jesus name we pray, praise God almighty who nothing is impossible, praise God! I declare in the name of JESUS healing, to be made who. sound, strong, renewed, restored, rejevenated in every way! praise you LORD JESUS.... Diane

"Dear Brother / Sisier, Since last Sunday I am healed from diabetes.I dont feel sick,weak,tired anymore.Thank for your prayers and God bless.Bro.R.P- [S.A.]"

Please pray for my friend. She didn't go to detox for drugs this week like she planned.

I DECLARE THE ABUNDANT UNPRECEDENTED UN COMMON FAVOR OF ALMIGHTY GOD IN ALL MY AFAIRS !!! Thank you Father for answered prayr & answers yet to come. Thank you for 25,000 in fee for aug, thank you for all the great acts in my q, may many be insr atrny cash pays mo pays & thank you for many high balance cf accts to my phone line, may all be worked for the highest good of all. Thank you the Holy Spirit is at work in me to change atttitude & mouth, I DO NOT WANT A FROWARD LOOK, A HAUGHTY SPIRIT OR PREVERSE MOUTH, keep these far from me & cause me to be my very best. Thank you for a huge attitude of gratitude , cause me to be happy joyous & free, pleasant curteous & helpful, I DO NOT WANT TO BE RUDE & ANGRY. God remove from me all that is not of you. Create in me a right mind, thoughts, feelings actions & reactions, I do not want to be sad, miserable & critical. I want to have a right heart & spirit, thank you Lord for changing me. Thank you for a windfall wealth to fall upon me in rightful ways, that I may pay off mtg, retire & help others more. Thank you for significant wt loss & to quit smoking, thank you for my lifemate/ husband yet to come, send him now is my hearts prayer & I give you all praise honor and glory in Jesus Holy Name amen

Please i need my sisters and brothers in Christ to help me ask god to get my business up and running , or if this is not his will to bring to me a job , A job that i can help others so that they can save there homes . and be able to live there . I need this in the name of his son , I have no other income coming in except unemployment that does not cover my bills , I also have a nice that is hooked on drugs and is in a rehab center please i ask for prayer for her also

I'm sure this is a prayer you've had a lot over the past few years. We are in desperate financial need of our house selling. We've lowered the price quite a bit and are asking way less than we paid and very little over what we owe. We appreciate your prayers to bring someone to our home on an acre that brought us so many blessings so the house will be a blessing to others._x000d_

please pray for my son and daughter in law to be able to conceive, carry to term and deliver a perfect healthy baby.

Still trying to find full time employment with benefits, thank you for your prayers and Praise God for his blessings.