Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Yes please pray for Peace in all of the Nations and even in our own back yards and Please pray for my Husband John and Me ( Mary ) and also for Brandon and Kelly that just got married that they may grow even closer together and for our other Son Justin to have a relationship with someone that will care for him as much and he cares for them.

That I will receive good news from my liver biopsy.To live a long life to see my grandchildren grow up.

Please pray for my former husband. He is a very sad man. He remarried and 18 months ago his wife was killed. He met someone and just got engaged and she died suddenly last week. He also lost his mother in law in the past year. He feels overwhelmed by grief. Please pray for his true healing and release from pain.

Please pray for employment for my husband Al. He has lost his job of 30 years, and is trying to start over at age 60.

8 years ago i met this man and asked GOD for him and we went together and we have alot of things in common but eventually our relationship ended and i moved out of state while i was gone he married another woman there r times i still think of him and my prayer is that i will forget him and go on with my life like he did the other thing i because i asked GOD for him does that mean we r suppose to b together and is his marriage a mistake i need to know this because i have asked GOD for other men scince we broke up hes always says no

Heavenly Father and all the angels and saints, I pray that you will remove all the obstacles in the way of things working out right for me. Please let this relationship between me and Jordan workout and let me find the happiness I am searching for. Open his mind and remove any anger or doubt he has towards me and let him welcome back into his life. Don't let him reject me or push me away or ignore me. This I ask in Jesus Name. Remove any third party interference,such as Deidre or any other woman. Please let him have a special feeling in his heart for me and bring us together soon. Please let him miss me and care for me and want me in his life. Let this whole situation workout and let me find happiness with Jordan. He is spending time with Deidre and putting distance between us. Please heal my broken heart by bringing him back to me. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Please answer my prayers. Amen

Please pray for both my husband, Nathaniel Jones and myself. He is in the hospital with several conflicting diagnosis, including dementia. I`m really scared._x000d_
Thank you very much_x000d_
Patricia m. -

Please pray for my family that we will receive a miracle and we can keep up with our mortgage and have the money to make the mortgage payments every month. Please pray that The Lord will help me find a second job. I ask the Lord to give me the opportunity to get a job doing home hours with a child who lives near me.Please pray for me I am in desperate need of your prayers and of a miracle. I pray Dear Lord that you will give me the money we need to pay the mortgage. Please send me a miracle. Give me a financial blessing and let me receive a settlement from my accident. Thank you. Amen

since i have to move in sept. i am having such turmoil with_x000d_
all details of moving....financially that all provision will be here_x000d_
to take care of all needs . what i need at this time for the move......i am also going to make arrangsments for a mover_x000d_
that the lord will put that my path that will not charge alot...details of looking for help is kind of diffucult as far as_x000d_
finances since i am a single woman,and have to look for _x000d_
that kind of help.....i have one do all this so i do have_x000d_
time.thank you.

Praise be to the Holy Trinity. Thank you for your prayers. I have been able to find a suitable plot of land for purchase. The Sale deed is proposed to be registered by 31st Oct. 2011. Kindly continue to pray. With prayer-John