Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Some of you have been praying for my Grandson, Jeff -. He is suffering from depression. Jeff is 17. He is scheduled and has been accepted at Community College of - starting in September,2011. He also got a job at a new supermarket. thank the Lord for Both of these answers to prayers. He started to go into one of his deep depression moods this past week, and says he doesn't know why. His Mom and Dad are very united in trying to help him, but sometime they cannot get through. Please continue to pray for Jeff and pray that he will start his schooling and be able to continue with his job.Most importantly that he will feel Jesus surrounding him with his love, peace and strength. _x000d_
Thank you, Miriam -

My boyfriend and I have recently gone on a "break" and are approaching the deadline on August 29th where we are to reconvene and discuss our future together. We have have some bumps in the road in the beginning and I just need prayer that this time has been used to help him get over these things. Please pray that he can find it in his heart to get over the negative things that have happened in our relationship thus far. Please pray that he can focus on all of our good times and how much he loves me. Please pray to give him strength to give it another try. Please pray that he remembers the reasons we fell in love. Please pray that when he sees me, he is flooded with good feelings and not bad. He has issues because of his parents regarding commitment, please pray that he can put these to the side so that he doesn't miss out on me. Please pray that we both can find a way to give this another try and be successful. I love him and miss him dearly.

I was laid off in February of 2009 unexpectedly. After 5 months, I was offered my present job (4 days per week at half the salary I was previously making), managing the office of a sole practitioner for his law practice. _x000d_
I do not make enough to meet my rent; hence, have been bleeding through my savings in the last 2 years. I also lost significantly in my retirement 401k during 2008-2009 and am just now recovering. In addition, I have an outstanding graduate loan totaling about $84,000 that I have been paying mostly interest for the last 15 years, and which I have had to defer for the past 2 years. The first year I was able to pay the interest that had accrued. Last year I was unable to, which means any interest unpaid gets transferred into the principal, which will eventually sink me even more into debt._x000d_
I have been fighting depression on and off these past 2 years. I was on medication for awhile - am not off, but have anxiety attacks and trouble sometimes sleeping at night with frightening dreams._x000d_
My faith has taken a beating in the last year, even though I know I am not the only one going through this. Many of my friends cannot deal with this and have disappeared -- too close to home for them. I have lost one of my closet friends. It's bad enough to deal with the financial insecurity (I'm 63, and even though I have had many interviews, no offers. My prospects do not look good). But the loneliness in dealing with this is almost unbearable. I cannot afford counseling. I am a member of a church, which for the most part I attend regularly (except this summer). People know my situation. I have tried to network. Nothing has changed. I feel paralyzed in dealing with this and don't know where to turn. I pray as often as I can, try not to dwell on my dilemma, but my hope is running thin. I know I cannot go on without hope._x000d_
Please pray that my hope will remain intact; that my spirit will be protected at all times; that I will find financial resolution and overcome the depression and loneliness. God bless you for what you do.

Praises to you oh Lord!! Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do!_x000d_
I ask for Prayers that I have very few side effects if any and that they be manageable during my six Chemo Treatment Cycles from August until December. That the Lord place his healing and comforting hands and arms upon my body!_x000d_
Thank you,_x000d_

Please pray for David - and his family. David was in an accident and was badly injured. His mother-in-law sent me a prayer request and I thought of Guideposts. What better way to get prayer warriors. Thank you.

I am praying for God to Bless me and my house with THE SPIRIT OF WISDON in every area of our lives. I am praying for God to Bless us with Spiritual Blessings and Spiritual Freedom. I am praying for God to Bless us with Finanical Blessings and Finanical Freedom. I am praying for God to Bless us with Emotional Blessings and Emotional Freedom. I am praying for God to Bless us with Physical Blessings and Physical Freedom. I am believing God that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME, MY FAMILY, OUR HOME, OUR FINANCES OR OUR BUSINESS. WILL EVER PROSPER. I am believing God for Increase in my Business. I am believing God for Prosperous Inventory and Buying Customers. In Jesus name I pray. I thank you for praying for me and for coming into agreement with me. In the name of Jesus I pray for God to Bless you and your house. AMEN

Please pray for God's guiance as I look for a place to live. I am so ovewhelmed with everything and do not want to make any more mistakes in my life. All my decisions are the wrong ones even when I feel like I am trying.

Please pray for my cousin, Rick D, who has been in a coma and has head_x000d_
injuries. thank you

YES! Please do pray for me. I have been praying that this is the week a contract is approved so my husband can finally go to work at a project he has. THE ONLY PROJECT HE HAS IN MONTHS!!! We need financial help and so there it is. God knows the need for this opportunity, please join me in praying for this at this time. God bless.

Very close to bankruptcy and feeling quite low. Please pray that I can turn this around and prevent the bankruptcy. Please pray for forgiveness for not managing my finances in a better way.