Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Tony and Rebecca lost their 12-year old son today in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Please pray for a financial breakthrough for my husbands medical bills. With a colleague's help pray that we receive a reversal in the decision to deny my husband health insurance. We are facing huge medical bills due to an accident. Thank you so much!

Good Day. I need prayer. I am married and have two kids. problem however is that I have homosexual relationships. Difficult to move away from this.

I ask pray for mom jen david chrissy jackie jeff auntie lori will miranda bridgette deb marie steve tonya matt & especially vanessa. I pray God will heal my vision, hands & heart. I pray for our co & the coming changes that God will bless the workers as well as the owners & protect our jobs. I pray that God will restore all that the locusts have stolen from _x000d_
my commission based paychk , that God will bless me with might & favor. I pray for this president & congress to find there knees & seek Gods will for this country. I pray God will raise up a mighty man of God to run this country. I pray for our military & first responders, for all who have suffered loss in weather related incidents & those yet to come, I pray for world peace & peace in israel, help for japan. I pray that we as a nation would humble ourselves seek Gods face turn from our sin, tha t God would hear from heaven forgive our sin & heal our land. God is a Holy God , He can not & will not bless us in known & deliberate sin. I pray for a mighty rush of His Holy Spirit to cleanse this land that He may again bless America with peace proseprity & protection in Jesus Holy Name I pray.

Pray for my daughter Kelli who has undergone cancer treatments, and is now facing more uncertainty with this horrible disease.

I have prayer for myself i need help with my mental clarity i having alot of issues and problems with staying postive with anything that i think or want or what ever it is i will be positive about things for a little bit but then a few hours or even the next day is gone all that i think is negative and i cant get back positive i need prayer for help that jesus will touch my my and my heart and will help me to over power my negative thoughts with my positive thoughts cause right now my mind is not in the right focus everything keeps failing for me and i cant get anywhere i want or need 2 be in my life im trying so hard but keep failing and all negativity keeps taking control father help me to find a way out of this negative world i am in i give advice but i can never follow it please pray that i will get stronger 2 be able to over come my negative habits & get loose from the enemy..

I need prayer for my best friend,Mickey Sauceda who is having emergency brain surgery for bleeding in the left side of the brain and the cause is currently unknown. She needs to come out of this perfect as she has two children and two grandchildren that need her very much,she is their strength.

I want to lose weigt so bad, but I have NO will power. Please pray that I can find a safe and effective way to lose this ugly fat and keep it off. Thank You

There was a four year little girl in the --yesterday West Virginia areawho was diagnosed with stage (4) Cancer yesterday. She and her Family need our prayers.Father God, Hear us , Please. Bring comfort to the parents of this ;little one and her Family. If it be Your Will, Father, touch and heal her. If not We know You are our Father, and You see into the Future. You will do what is best for the Little one. We will thank You and Praise You for all things. Amen

I would like to pray for comfort. I fell off the path and want to renew my walk with God. I ask for forgiveness and ask that the Holy Spirit comfort me and allow me to get it together.