Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Lord thank you for making a way for me to meet all financial obligations. Your blessings are being poured out to me so that I may be a blessing to others in the name of Jesus

Please help me update my LinkedIn to make it easier for employers to find me. Please make former coworkers, employers, and other people happy to connect & do recommendations for me. Please help me find the part-time remote job that I desire.

God please help my son to deal with his mental illness. he currently struggling with a new job and his medication and being upset with his situation thank you God for your help

I'm extremely sick and have been for the last four months, but am contracting to my former employer. I have a client meeting this morning at our national broadcasting station about a website issue, so wanted to pray that I will have enough energy to articulate myself well and that I wont feel sick. I pray that they wont ask me anything I don't know and that I'll have quickness of understanding about the project. I pray that I'll find favour with the clients and people in the meeting and that my former boss wont do anything to undermine me. I pray for things to talk about with my former boss going to the meeting and coming back from the meeting. Thank you, in Jesus' name.


Please pray that God surrounds all my households with His angels to keep us safe from all evil and deliver us from all sickness, and provides our every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially, more exceedingly and more abundantly than we can even think or ask. Thank you.

Please pray that God’s will is done the lives of my son (C----), his wife and daughter. Pray for salvation or bringing children back to God, as the case may be. Bless my son and his wife on the job with extraordinary raises and promotions and keep both of them employed at L---- until You have something better for them. Bless them all with good health and let A—have complete and miraculous healing of Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis (CRMO) and never have another recurrence of allergic reactions, CRMO, high temperatures, temperature spikes and seizures. Thank you.

Thank you Jesus... Touch my refuge stuff..touch my life. me bless...touch April touch Shayla touch Mom and Dad Cynthia Tina brothers refuge stuff thank you Jesus for everything. Touch this Day

friends, lord, i pray to you today to help me get out of jury duty. i am agoraphobic and it would basically be impossible to show up and serve. please allow chd to write the letter and/or form thank you amen

Please pray my son submits to authority and is teachable. Pray to rebuke the devourer in our lives, restore what the thief has stole 7x and restore what the locust have eaten.