Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

BJ, Rae, Judith, Jill; thank you, Lord.

Prayers and blessings for excellent blessed health and strength in all ways for life.
Prayers and blessings to remain free of any types of cancer, diseases and infections for life and never need any treatments or bags.
Prayers for the permanent healing of my finger without surgery and continued growth of my hair.
Prayers I will never have any bone loss.
Prayers I will never have any abnormal bleeding.
Prayers and blessings that all of my health appointments will go well and all test results will be normal and excellent.
Prayers and blessings Sister -will have a excellent blessed successful eye surgery and recovery.
Prayers and blessings for Sharon and her husband, Sister -, and Sister - for excellent blessed restored health and healings.
Thank you

Robert and Deborah

I pray for anyone Lord who I know and love who needs a healing touch from You. Thank you, Jesus....Amen

Please pray for my son (Kevin) and his wife (Jessica) that one day there will be reconciliation between us. They recently accused me of something that I never did. I know now it was just a way to get me out of their life, and also the works of the enemy. I believe this is a spiritual warfare. I pray for their salvation and that the veil will be lifted from my son's eyes and bring him out of the darkness into the light. I also pray that the Holy Spirit will deal with my son's wife (Jessica) with every evil spirit that is operating through her. I believe my son has been taken captive by the enemy through my son's wife. Please pray for deliverance over both of them. Lastly, I pray that God send His heavenly angels down from Heaven to put a hedge around my grandchildren to keep them away from the enemy and any evil spirits in their home. Thank you so much!

ADDICTION--Ben, Wayne, Carole, BJ, Jim, Dale, Gregory, Jason and anyone else Lord who needs a healing touch from you. Thank you...Amen

Prayers and blessings to receive God's guidance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to apply to all areas of my daily life that will be needed.
Thank you

please help my daughter Dina with her health

Prayers and blessings for excellent blessed financial security for life.
Prayers and blessings I will never go in debt or bankruptcy and always have excellent credit.
Prayers and blessings for God to intervene I will receive some additional blessed financial miracles now to pay off all larger bills in full, all loans from friends in full and get a brand new hot water tank with any additional costs.
Prayers and blessings to continue to receive my full food and Medicaid benefits.
Prayers to be able to stay on the budget services for my electric and gas bills
Prayers to get a excellent monthly amount for my Social Security this month.
Prayers and blessings to always be able to pay all of my bills on time in full.
Thank you

Jesus, My Lord and Savior, Thank you for loving me and caring about my well being; thank you for always being attentive to my prayers. Thank you God for my new friends, friends that care about me and my concerns. Friends that will pray with me and go to Church with me, friends that have a compassionate heart. Father, I pray to have good rapport with Sherry, I know her barely at all, but understand that she is a believer; I would really like to build a Christian friendship with her. Nothing is impossible with you God, I KNOW THIS, so thank you for all the work you do on my behalf, I am so grateful! Also. I would love to see Jill come back to you, it appears that she is just lost Lord, and doesn't know how to regain her faith; would you please help her. She is a good person but it seems has struggled most of her life; right now she seems to be going through some depression. I pray Father that you would lift her up in body, mind and spirit; help her to know you love her Lord, it appears she has forgotten this.