Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for my 21year old son Simeon who has made some poor choices with drinking & girls he’s gotten involved with. Pray that he finds sobriety, starts making good choices for himself, and finds a respectable girl that he treats well. Pray for him to leave the “party” lifestyle behind forever.

I pray for enough time and energy to get everything organised for our engagement party. I pray that I wont be sick tonight or tomorrow. I pray that my fiance and my boss wont be mad that I was too sick to work today. I pray that the people at MAC would do a good job of my make up and that I'll have time to style my hair nicely. I pray that Andrew wont flirt with any girls at our engagement party and that he will step up in being more responsible and trustworthy. I pray that Cherise wont be able to come to our party or anyone else who would come between us. I pray that Andrew wont have an arrogant heart but would have wisdom and humility about the relationship. I pray that God would give him a more gracious and kind spirit and that he would be nice to me. Thank you, in Jesus' name.

My cousin Barbara and her husband Herb are meeting with a doctor tomorrow to learn what’s going on with Herb’s lungs and breathing. She fears it’s cancer. Please pray for good test results but especially for their peace and comfort. God Bless Them. Thank you

Please pray for me that I get hold of some cash soon. Thank you.

Im actually writing to thank your prayer warriors for praying for me. I got good news about my health struggle today. Thank the Lord and thank you to loving strangers who pray for others. Amen

Please pray for John. He’s being taken advantage of by people who work for him. He has lots of money, drug problems, severe mental illness & health problems. He has trashed his family. There are hardly any decent people to be had but he desperately needs to be surrounded only by good people. Those taking advantage of him are deeply entrenched, & there are always undesirables stalking him for money.

My son Zachary needs a job. He has a wife and children to support. Pray that God will give him a good job where there are Christians to guide and mentor him. Lord God please give Zachary a heart to tithe and to spend the money You give him wisely. Make him a good steward. In Jesus name I pray amen. Lord please help Zachary soon. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Pray for my husband John please .
1. recent death of mother
2. Extremely busy at work,
3. Needs salvation

Please pray for our son and pray that God keeps him safe and protects him during all his travels for work . Please, pray that God protects his family and
keeps them all healthy. Thank you. God bless.

Healing of severe pain in sciatic nerve on right side of lower back.