Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

I am having left knee arthroscopy tomorrow for a torn menisus. I am also having problems with my rt knee. I am very nervous about the surgery and also the swelling in my rt knee. Please pray for me for a successful surgery and quick healing. Thank you
I believe in the POWER of PRAYER

Please pray to bring Davids heart to mine, as he is growing distant. Please place me into Davids heart

My very good friend, Esther, died November 8 from MLS. at the age of 73. Please pray for her son, Trevor, and her husband, Brian, and help them grieve for their loss. Trevor was adopted and Brian and Esther brought him home from the hospital. They loved and cared for him and he is a fine young man. Esther devoted her life to Trevor and I know the loss of his mother will be very difficult for him. Please spread your wings around Trevor so he can feel the love of his mother and continue to live a wonderful life in her memory. They live in -, FL. Thank you and Praise God.

My son for protection, safety, peace. Mercy, grace. Increased faith, hope, love. Healing from great trauma. Miracle prosperity and miracle provision. Great benefactors. Enough good food, good sleep, good rest, good clothing. Godly people to help him. Family in Christ. The desires of his heart. Joy of the Lord. All the knowledge he needs. Bills paid, debt cancelled.

His truck working excellently consistently. A new free excellent truck if he needs it. Favor with excellent mechanics. Free supplies and services. Knowing how to deal with all situations at home. A great job. No more stress.


Touch and agree for a born again church who embraces him and ministers to him. Touch and agree that he can stop taking dangerous meds safely and safely lose weight. Touch and agree that he can work and still receive his benefits because he cannot support himself yet.

All abuse to him gone.

In Christ we are expecting great MIRACLES. AMEN?

Dear Pray Group,
Please ask Our Lord Jesus to lift up my son Wayne and give him guidance, the will to better himself and to follow Jesus.
I ask in Jesus's name.
Thank you all.

I am going through a divorce caused by the adultery of my husband with our neighbor. He was remodeling our home and I have since found out that everything he did has to be re-done, my home is nearly condemned. This is my 3rd failed marriage. It seems no matter how hard I try, I always get men who do no value me or our marriage. This last one was a real actor. I am an only child and have felt alone most of my life. No, I do not jump at the first man who comes at me, there were 11 years between my 1st and 2nd marriage. I am near financial ruin, unsure if I will be able to continue to afford my attorney. I am angry and resentful towards God. I have believed and prayed all my life since childhood, but He has allowed nothing but disappointment and hurt in my life. Please pray for me, my heart, my home, my finances and that somehow I can get to a point where I understand what God is doing in my life and stop resenting Him. I am 56 years old. I would like to have some happiness.

Please pray for safe travel for everyone- thanks

Please pray for positive answers-- even miracles-- in Alan's meeting on Thursday. Thanks!

that Anthony & Madison get the jobs they desire & are best for them, that michele, drew, taylor are in the jobs best for them, that dan is preparing for flight school & does well, that olivia chooses the major & living conditions best for her

I wanted to share a praise with thanksgiving that your prayers are being answered. The finances of our church have improved. A local group in the art world had been using our building over the years with occasional (and appreciated) donations. We shared our plight and they agreed to sign a lease with rental income for a few months. Praise God for His provision. THEN, a married couple with a heart for the church's legacy, committed to donating another monthly and sizable amount. The future remains unpredictable, but then it has always been in His hands. We are so grateful for His provision and your prayers. We are so thankful that our doors remain open. PRAY: We would still like to sell the building, stay and rent from the new owner, pay off our mortgage and conference debt, and become real fishers of men.