Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for a teenager, Justine, as she will be undergoing surgery for constant nosebleeds, that have impacted her life greatly. Surgery is scheduled for 11/5. Thank you for your prayers for her restoration.

Please pray that God will keep me and my family safe, especially as we travel. A special request for prayers for my granddaughter, Emily as she travels home with her 3 young daughters. Also, please pray for our country and our President Trump. Thank you

Prayers that brad will keep both of his jobs continuously until retirement, with regular promotions, pay raises and bonuses. Prayers that brad will keep his job and get promoted inany and all mergers. Prayers that brad will excel and be recognized for excellence at both jobs. Prayers that brad will always have enough students to hold his classes continuously. Prayers that I will get full time employment by the end of this week. Prayers that we will allget paid on time and accurately. Many prayers of thanks

Please pray for our family as we sell our centennial farm land. This is an emotionally difficult thing to do. Please pray that the Lord would calm our anxieties and help us to completely trust Him. Please pray for the Lord’s hand of blessing on this sale and that just the right buyer will come forward who will be godly (as were those who farmed the land in the past), a good steward of the land, and be willing to pay a fair and reasonable price—that all would go smoothly, wisely, and well. This can only happen by God’s blessing. Thank you.

Please pray for Amanda ...and domestic violence... please allow the courts to see the truth of the situation and allow her and children to leave there in safety and peace..I pray this in Jesus Christ name.. amen

God to anoint restore renew my relationship with Emily daily show evidence now of uniting us as one heart more flirting joking get to know you conversations deeper bonding with us Emily to make more effort with me courage for her Emily to confess her love feelings affection to me

I’d like prayer the Lord would bless my grandparents marriage and minister to them. They are in their 80’s

Prayers for Toby as he is going thru counceling for anger management. He is a teenager that wants help. He does not like the way he feels about his life. He knows he was adopted at birth. But things have happened in his life that have thrown him challenges that are hard for him to control mentally. His parents a great Christian folks that love him & want to help him thru this. He has accepted a 7 to 12 week live-in program. Prayers for the whole family please.
Prayers for Shirley as she in in the hospital again. She has had stomach & intestinal issues for a number of years. This if weighing on her life & being able to do this that she enjoys. It is also weighing on he disabled son that lives with her. I am sure that he fears she will soon pass. He has lost much weight during her health issues. Prayers for James too please.
May God bless all of his prayer warriors & their families.

Please pray that I can find a major household appliance repair technician. This is my only living. My technician fell off a roof onto a concrete driveway and got a brain bleed and is unable to return to work. I need a technician desperately. Thank you and God bless.

Please pray for our son, Eric. He has been struggling with deep depression, anxiety and drug addition. We have done all we can. We are extremely concerned for his health and safety. Please pray for his healing, deliverance and safety. Most of all pray for his SALVATION! Thank you and bless you! (humbly ask in the name of Jesus!)