Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

I'm praying for a huge miracle for my family. Please pray for deliverance for my sons from their alcohol dependency. Please grant them peace and serenity. Please show them their life and path with You. Begin to heal them completely and totally. We ask this through Jesu Christ. Amen Thank You Lord! Thank You! Thank You!


Please pray for these people. They all are suffering at the moment of fear, anxiety, worry and stress. Thank you.

Prayers are needed for this young wife who is alone with a toddler. Her husband in prison. Thank you.

Health for whole family. Marilyn's eyes heal, spot under tongue benign, pap smear, mammogram and bone density 100% normal, blood tests 100%normal, blood pressure 100% normal, FOOT, LEGS and KNEES HEAL, no major or minor tests or surgeries, no deadly diseases or terminal illnesses, health for all family occasions and special functions. All my grandkids always want me. John is healthy. Ryan finds a good woman and soul mate this year to marry and have healthy kids of his own. We love her and she loves us and they do family things with us. Ryan has job and financial security,never gets in trouble with the law and never gets hurt. His house is protected. He does all family occasions with us. John and I (Marilyn) grow very old together and I am never lonely always busy.

Lift prayers for Ben who is in prison at this time. Nobody knows how he is doing/adjusting to the system. He is in a TX prison. Thank you.


My family needs to know how we should proceed

Prayer my finances will get better I make 16. 000 a year my income very low. I became disable 2007 had to have (two) knee replacements my job let me go (I,am so sad) they said I would hurt my self or ???? I alwaysrk hard all my lfe now MY land lord may be selling our apt s build in jan or dec .I have lived here 18 years , the rent is affordable. for me they are old. I have look at other apts they wont 200.00 0r 300.00 more a month (Newer) I cannot afford this and lights and gas or water. our land lord Mr Q. has money new mangers I heard will raised the rent so high like the other apt build our land lord sold (I may have to sleep in my car or a Shelter. I,am divorce 25 years now never re marry or dated I would love to meet a nice Christian man my age 67 and a senior (I,am very sad and worried. about trying to find somewhere else to live & its coming (Soon) and my old car 2000 is messing up I,am so sad and depressed . I saved

(please pray for guidance)

I was married for 32 years had three daughters and left my family searching for a greener grass and became a prostitute in the process. I have recently came to Jesus and joined a bible study and we are studying Hosea and I am Gomer, and have no relationship with my girls. I have lost everything. Is it to much to ask the Lord for restoration of my marriage and restoration for my three girls? That's my desire. I have paid a heavy penalty for my actions and my sin and I know that. My life has been filled with one failure after another. Most days I feel completely alone with no hope. I'm really hurting. Will you pray for me? Please. and thank you.