Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Prayers answered for no cervical problems!
Prayers for healing of shoulder, elbow and wrist! Thank you all. Prayer is so POWERFUL!

Please pray for my sons dad he's a alcoholic and pot head. Please pray he seeks the help he needs. Thank you.

My prayer is for my daughter and her family. They are successful and have money and are good people but they do not believe in one God. Their 2 boys I don't believe have ever been to Sunday school or church. Then my daughter who I will call DJ writes romance novels about gay people. She was an editor on a well known paper for 3 years and on another for 4 and is very talented when it comes to writing but would like to see her write something besides immoral stuff. Please pray for the Lord to touch her and lead her down a path pleasing to Him and for salvation for all of them.

Please pray for our family
Dana and Michael Wedding 10/7
Safe travels for family and friends
Healthy babies that sleep well Ethan, Emily, Ava, Silvie, Austin, Robert, Lawrence
Guidance for Debi, David, Dana, Daniel, Krystal, Michael, Owen, Emmalyn
Healing for David, Addy, Bonnie, Robert
God bless you

Curses Wrap Around My Head w/ Disorientation, Hardness & Pressure on ALL Sides of Head, (75% is on Back of Head). Goppy/Featherly Intertwined Strings Jammed in inner Corner of Eyes/Sclera, Ankles & Toes, Gripped Feet, Wrists, Fingers, Hands, Triceps, Mouth, Blindness, Hard Poop, Sinus Infection.

My Face, Back,Waist, Arms Feel a “Weight”, Stiff Legs & Calves, Inflammed Ears, Pinched Cocula. Midnight Wakeup & Nightmares. Painful Lungs/Chest/Throat, Obsessive Thoughts.

I’m getting words of revelation how to defeat this. Intense times of attack. I need the Lord to “go before me.”

Please pray for me am needing safe, affordable housing and love. Real, genuine love. Thank you and God Bless

I quit smoking 3 days ago and would like prayers to be strong and stay not smoking.It's very hard to do and need to be strong to make it throught all this. I ask in Jesus name.

Please pray Dave’s face scar will fade: heal/ looks bad.
His pneumonia will leave body n never return.
He can handle the vitamin supplements prescribed.- without a migraine!

God and his Angels to intfere and solve the problem of me Eric to sign a lease on apartment and get keys to my new apartment this month God will also.solve the problem and ha in Eric be employed and gain friends

Father God i thank You for everything. I give You my entire self. Please use me and bless my family and i. In Jesus name i pray.