Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for financial help for my family.

thanks for getting us home safely & that all family traveling this week will be safe, protection for our military, police, firemen, medical workers

Prayers for a 55 year old woman's family, who died of a massive heart attack yesterday.

Pls pray that i will find a new job. Pls pray that i pass my coming audit. Pls pray that i do not encounter risky trxns & clients. Pls pray that i will be able to fix all the problems in my job. Pls.pray that i cant resign & transfer to my new job..pls pray for my audit conference tomorrow. Tnx for praying.

that I always say & do the right things to create love & peace & I be a better wife, mom, gr-mom, mother-in-law, sister & friend & am never a burden to anyone & never complain. that grandkids attract good, Christian spouses that are best for them. that linda & I can have a friendship again

Extra prayers for a friend's daughter who is having some severe depression issues over losing her father and having a miscarriage.

that grandkids always appreciate the talents God gave them & they do well with classes, jobs, training & make good choices & never abuse their bodies. that our president & leaders unite our country & all the hatred, fighting, terrorism, name calling will stop & all nations work for peace in our country & world

Prayers and blessings to very soon be blessed with the right 2nd part time job I will like and be happy and perform excellent in all areas of the position.
Prayers for blessed job security. Prayers to get a excellent supervisor.
Prayers to receive decent pay and excellent benefits.
Prayers to continue to perform excellent at my current job and very soon receive a raise.
Prayers to be able to work Monday thru Thursday so I can continue to visit the sick and shut in every Friday.
Thank you

that ron has successful surgery & all the cancer will be gone & he gets stronger. that robin, ron, tom, tom, red. Julie. Elmira are free of cancer & robin, mark, taylor, michele, dan tony, myself, brandon are healed & all family & friends have good health, that I know how to take care of my aging body & eyes

Please continue to pray for Hayley and Brian to get through a difficult time in their relationship. Their relationship began 6years ago as friendship and turned into love.Please pray Hayley realizes how special Brian and their relationship truly are and pray Brian doesn’t get discouraged and continues to work on their relationship. Please pray Brian manages his stress better and doesn’t snap at Hayley.I know no one will ever love Hayley the way Brian does . Please pray the Lord helps Hayley realize this and all the loving, romantic feelings and reasons they fell in love come rushing back to Hayley. Brian asked for our blessing to propose several months ago and we gave it without question knowing they were meant to be together and so happy. Please pray they get back on their journey towards an engagement and ultimately marriage very soon. I know when the Lord brought them together 6 years ago he intended for them to be happily married and live a wonderful life together and start a family. I have been praying faithfully for them for quite a while please pray the Lord answers my prayers very soon. Thank you for your prayers.