Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Pray 2 destroy/reverse/expose plans of evil & occult spells
Howard, Jamees, Jodi, Jesica, Jane, MyTran, Misha, Vadim & his family & Jen
my mom Luba,
her health/safety,
my dad Viktor,
their marriage/happiness,
my relationship with my fiance John,
our health/safety/finances &
EXPOSE all the evil about Vadim, his family, & aunt Jane 2 my dad Viktor, 2 my sister Irina & 2 everyone,
RESTORE God's Holy order in my family, &
KEEP all evil & evil possessed people away from us forever.
God bless you all!

God let my job be in my favor and they give back my money back that they took. Thank you Lord for the blessings.

My Son is getting his teeth worked on and is so angry

Pray that Joey problem is fixed. Jesus help us.

Please pray for Buddy and Debbie S- Thanks. B. -

Please pray God will bless me with a Financial Blessing Miracle that I can use to pay off all my debts, pay off my mortgage, renovate my house and be able to buy the things I need and want. Pray God will bless me with the funds to help my Children, Grandchildren and others in need. In the name of Jesus.

Please pray for me (Becky).

Please pray that I can lose weight and keep it off as my family is diabetic and obese. Thanks. And to get rid of a bad habit.

My daughter has been suffering from depression. When she is feeling blue she turns to alcohol. Please pray that God make the alcohol taste like poison to her. Help her to turn her life over to God & remove the bad feelings she holds deep inside.

Please pray for Leonard who has suffered a severe stroke. Thank you