Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

PLEASE pray for Debbie - Thanks. B. -

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to give guidance and direction to Dianne and BrIan for this difficult work situation.

In the name of Jesus, prayers for travel mercies today; help me to know that nothing is too hard for God; help me and my family know and do God's will; help me to remember that God is omnipotent; prayers for safety for me and my family and that we will not be exploited; help me to have new hope; prayers that my grandchildren will get the best education possible; help me believe that all things are possible through God; prayers that Joan will remove the 2 broken down cars from the driveway so that Henry can paint my side of the house; prayers that Joan will replace the front steps that she has caused to rot; prayers for continued healing of my left ear. Thank you.

Please pray that my daughter-in-law, Merrilees, will find the Lord. Please pray that her heart will soften and her eyes will open to knowledge and love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please pray that she will welcome the Lord into her heart and her family.
Please pray for healing of her thyroid condition, that the doctor will have the knowledge to help her and cure her of the ailments she suffers. Please pray that her energy will be restored.
Please pray that my son’s faith will stay strong, and that he will find the right church with a Sunday School for his family.
Please pray that their two children, Jaska and Esme, will grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord. Please pray that they will be healthy, safe, and astute. Thank you very much.

Please pray that Glenn's immune system be strengthened and that he stays heathy and strong. Please keep him safe and free from tick bacteria and tick parasite diseases.
Please pray that his good health and physical energy continues.
Please strengthen his knee and relieve him of his knee pain.
Please ask for healing of his phlebitis in his leg.
Please pray for eye healing from his eye surgery, that his retina will stay strong and the cloudiness in the eye will clear. Please pray for good vision.
Please pray that his work environment is positive not negative. Please send new residents.
Please keep him healthy, safe, and astute. Please keep him safe on the road.
Please give him the guidance to deal with everyone most successfully.
Thank you very much

Please pray that Mark will find a full time photojournalist job or news photography position.
Please pray that he will have the funds to support his family and to get out of debt.
Please pray that steady freelance work keeps coming his way.
Please pray that he is paid in a timely fashion for the freelance work he does.
Please pray that he will be healthy, safe, and astute and that his immune system is strong.
Please pray that his heart and mind are more forgiving and calm.
Please pray that he will take his children to Sunday School to learn about the Lord and that they will grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord. Thank you very much.

My cancer has come back for a 6th time since 2007. The chemo has not worked, and the legions have grown. I have started a new cancer treatment. It is a hormone therapy drug. Please pray that my body accepts this medicine without adverse side effects. Please pray that this drug will rid my body of cancer.
Please pray that my immune system and blood count will be strong and able to fight the cancer.
Please pray that the tumors will shrink and vanish. Please pray that I will live.
Please pray that I can still work and manage my life.
Please pray that I will have the energy to keep my library job.
Thank you very much.

Please pray that Jonathan’s mental illness is healed.
Please pray that his feelings of being overwhelmed and of anxiety are healed.
Please pray for peace and serenity of mind for him.
Please pray that he is successful with finding a part time job.
Please pray that his name on the list for a single place to live will come up quickly.
Please pray that he finds reliable, trustworthy friends.
Please pray that he will be healthy, safe, and astute.
And please pray that he will give up smoking. He wants to very much,
and he prays for the Lord’s strength to fight this addiction to cigarettes.
Thank you very much.

Please pray for a miracle now .

Please pray for Marriage .