Pray for Others

Please protect my Mom and my family from my sisters who are suing for guardianship of my Mom

Please pray for Jeff K. He was Cymbalta and is trying to get off of it. Having bad withdraws. I just pray he can get through this.

I pray that I will have more jobs, especially, my dream jobs, to secure my finances.

Please Pray for Michael -in Georgia to be forgiven from his Sins and Inquities, pornography and sexual immortality through the blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen

I feel deserted by God. We have struggled financially for decades. It seems as though God doesn't hear us. I cant live this way anymore. I'm weary. Please pray that God hears our cries and frees us financially.

Please pray.

Please show me how to avoid resentment and hurt feelings in family relationships

Please help me pray for a solution. My fiance is hard on his luck financially lately. He has had a positive outlook so far, but he just got into an accident and totaled his truck. He has no resources or extra money. I feel really bad for him. I want to help but don't know how. Please help us find a solution to his situation. And also that he doesn't lose faith. Thank you and God bless.

Asking for prayers for a friend who has been given 24 hours to live, he has been diagnosed with a severe case of stage 4 liver cancer that has spread throughout his body, he is literally on his death bed and we are asking that God work a miracle. Thank You

Break my sons addiction.
Mend my broken heart