Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Lord, please please take away this pain that I have. Heal me completely. Heal Mary, Patty, Emma, Noe, Syl, Dalia, Maria, CG. Lord, Heal Eric completely, too, all those I'm not remembering. Lord, bring peace in our family. Lord, open our eyes. Bring us all closer to you. Bless us abundantly, also my friends and their family, too. Help Alan get the job he wants. Bless Nico with the job, Ardi, Jacob, Maria, Sylvia, Richard. Lord, give me wisdom with Madi, Lord. Show me what to tell her. Open her eyes. Lord, also give me favor with this work, Lord, please. Let there be no complaints, and let me do my best. Thank you, Lord, for wisdom, peace, taking away my insecurities. Renew a right spirit in me. Be with Dora, too. In Jesus name, amen, Thank you for our blessings

Please pray for me. Thank you

Thank you for your prayers and may you have a blessed and fun day. May all my communications with bosses, work folks and coworkers be positive, fun and smooth. May I continue to heal, grow and feel comfortable in my body. May our reconciliation with Julie, Scott Isaiah and Faith be smooth positive and fun, may the estate settle smoothly and may repairs get on the way. May all who encounter me better know Jesus , Our Holy Spirit, and God.

Please pray that I can lose weight and keep it off as my family is diabetic and obese. Thanks. And to get rid of a bad habit.

Prayers and blessings for all of our troops and their families daily, my minister and his family and my true friends.
Prayers and blessings for all those sick and shut in to be fully restored, all those less fortunate, going through bereavement, travelling and all those with daily prayer requests.
Prayers and blessings for all those affected by any severe conditions to soon be fully restored.
Prayers and blessings for Jarrett.
Prayers and blessings to very soon be blessed with a excellent brand new affordable residence in a excellent, quiet and safe neighborhood.
Prayers that the merge at my church will immediately permanently terminate.
Prayers and blessings for a very prosperous in all ways, healthy, happy and blessed entire year of 2018 for my true friends and myself.
Thank you

For my son's happiness and future. For patience as we both wait for God to reveal his wonderful plan. Thank you

For generational blessings over family. For favor, for healing for my husband. For His love to surround me, family. Ty

God bless my daughter as she starts a new school year. Cover her with your love, may her coworkers be a blessing. Asking you show her your favor Lord. I am a widow and she has lost her Dad. Makes things harder.

I pray for my 12 yr old daughter Kylie that you would provide quality friendships that don't thrive on drama. Kylie desires to have several friends she is comfortable with, she would love to get invited over to friends and have them over to our house. Give her courage and boldness to talk with others and initiate conversation. She is such a sweet, kind and mature girl who loves God. I pray for strength as Satan whispers lies and the enemy attacks.

God I pray a shield of protection around Tim and Kim's marriage. Having a blended family, a mental illness and 2 unreliable jobs puts extreme stress on a marriage. I pray for that God would provide job stability for both. They have many situations stacked against them that causes stress on their marriage. Satan wants nothing but to destroy this family. I pray that you give them strength to rise above it. I pray that they strengthen their relationship with you first and then their marriage. I pray that their pastor and church reach out to them and mentor them. Please Jesus in need of a miracle. Bring peace and calmness to their hearts and home.