Pray for Others

Freedom from neck pain and coughing

Please pray for me. I need to lose weight. I also have rhuematoid arthritis and I have a terrible to get around. Pray I find something that works that I can afford. I am going to be a first time grandma in approx a month. I want to be a good grandma. I don't have much strength in my arms to be able to lift her. Pray for a miracle. Thank you!

Please God use your healing hands to bring Wayne back to full health and allow him to be able to recover from his back surgery and walk and work again. Give Marion the strength to support him and get through this time.

Dear Prayer Warriors, Angels, and all, that prayed for me. Thank You. I got the extra job that will help me tackle my debt.

Please pray for my son. May he find true happiness and make only wise decisions. I pray he does not become discouraged as he waits for the girl God has chosen for him. Thank you

Pray for Emily to find her lost jewelry.

Please pray for I am very heartbroken and depressed-JM.

Please pray for complete and total healing of my sister Kim who is in a coma since 7/23 she is currently in hospice pray for peace and comfort for my family and especially my mom we need a miracle for Kim thank you God bless Amen

Please pray for Robert need salvation ASAP.

Please pray for me (I need prayers so that my husband will want to stay married to me).