Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Health for whole family. Marilyn's eyes heal, no spots, no lights, no flashing, no surgeries, spot under tongue benign, blood pressure 100% normal, heart rate 100% normal, all bodily functions and organs 100% normal, al blood tests 100% normal, JOHN AND I(MARILYN) HEAL 100% FROM CORONAVIRUS AND NEVER GET IT AGAIN, pap smear, mammogram, bone density 100% normal, no major or minor tests or surgeries, no deadly diseases or terminal illnesses, all aches, pains,joints heal,all healthy for special occasions, family functions, YELLOWSTONE, all trips, financial security for us, dental all good, no cavities, no gum problems. JOHN IS 100% HEALTHY. Laura always lets me come over, I(MARILYN) AM 100% HEALTHY, I(MARILYN) can always babysit and grandkids always want me. Ryan and Ruby marry soon and are soul mates, we always love her,she loves us, they do family things, her family loves Ryan. Ryan has healthy kids of his own, he never gets hurt or injured, he never gets in trouble with the law, he has job and financial security, his house and car are protected, he always does family things, he stops heavy drinking. John and I(Marilyn) grow very old together and I am never lonely and always busy.

Please, pray for the health and healing of all our family . Esp keep our children healthy and strong with all the adversities they have to face.
pray for my husband to be cured from the Covid side effects. Thank you
God Bless.

That we all love each other and share it and receive it

That both my neighbors leave me alone and move

That everything works out for me the way I want that it all works out in my favor the bad goes and good things happen

I've come back to ask for more prayer for my ex wife April and I to be restored in marriage. Thanks.

That the people who are involved with people who are not the way they believe they are that these people will learn the truth on their own and the truth will set them free

Please pray I get good neighbors.

Praise the Lord, please pray for my partner sebastian n, I'm very disturb because of him, because he Doesn't believe on God, he is an atheist, he told he hate God, I tried many times, I feel Alone so I want you to pray for him, may God show his grace upon him as he told until he get to know by himself he won't believe on Him, please pray AMEN

Please pray for my face and jaw, it is swell up on right side. Also pray for my eyes and prostate and give me more energy, pray for my arteries that they be unclog in blood flow freely. Pray for daughter in college that she keep doing good and I have the money for her to finish as a doctor, and that she be a top doctor in country and protect her while she in school Please pray for my Aunt Liz she has been dizzy, low energy. Please pray for me for a big money blessing through lottery or job. Pray that when I have a job interview that I do a good job and do well. Pray that I stop having so much bad luck this year, and for better luck for me. Pray THAT I FINE A NICE HOUSE AND CAR THAT I REALLY LIKE. Pray for my mine that I have more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Bring me closer to God.