Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Pray for my marriage, my husband has been cheating for 6 years. I love him so much . I pray that the door to their cheating, lustful ways close and his heart is softened for me and hardens for her. We have been married 34 years in October.

Thank you for helping Amy find a great job

For my family and friends peace health and happiness

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the digference

Dear Lord, my heart is grateful to you for your patience and love towards us. I pray that you come present into my family life and bless us with the peace and joy of your Holy Presence. We need you Lord, to be our protector & guide in our every day life. Come Lord and ebolish Satan's attempts to tempt us and break us. You take full control of our lives, our hearts and minds. Cleanse us with your holy blood and remove all that taints us and keeps up away from You. Fix our thoughts, control our emotions and actions and soften our hearts. Help us share your love with each other. Bless us O Lord with your Holy Spirit, and send your Guardian Angels to whisper in our hearts and minds your Love. In Jesus Mighty Name, I believe.

vWe would greatly appreciate your urgent and earnest prayers. Our son just had his one year anniversary at his and has been doing very well; however, he had a couple of mishaps while driving the big work truck today. He communicated with his boss to let him know what happened. Because he’s had some mishaps in the past, we’re very concerned and discouraged about the possibility of him losing his job, because he really enjoys the work and desperately needs this job, both financially and for his well-being. Please pray that God will orchestrate this entire situation, that God will provide His wisdom, discernment, guidance, common sense and attention to detail to our son to avoid any future mishaps, that God will speak to his employer’s hearts causing them to always be understanding and merciful toward him, and that God will impress upon his employer to recognize his value as an employee for them and grant him grace allowing him to keep this much-needed employment. Thank you for your urgent and earnest prayers for him!

Thank you for praying for our family. Our children, gchildren and their significant others. Pray for their well being, safety and health.
Husband Jimmy seems to have gotten rid of his cold but is now having stomach problems becuz of all the meds he took for his cold. Daughter Kelly has a cold and is also fundraising tonite so please be with her. Saw neighbor Maricel S-this evening and she looks good despite having 5 mos of chemotherapy. We were happy to share some goodies with her. Friend Jim C- is at home but we have not heard about him. Friend Iris Nishida had a ultrasound today for her liver, etc. Results won't be for awhile. Daughter's boss Michael S- is having some blood problems. Please pray for all of them. also Donna who lives in Maryland. She is going through a very bad divorce. Thank you.

We would greatly appreciate your earnest prayers. Our son is working full time while taking his final correspondence course to finish his degree. He completely switched his Thesis topic with his instructor’s permission, so he has double the work to do while still working full time. God provided a wonderful tutor to guide him through the organizational process of his Thesis, so he’ll be meeting with her for the first time in the morning. Please pray that God will continue to orchestrate this entire situation, that He will provide incredible wisdom and insight to his tutor to enable her to work effectively within his learning style, that He will encourage his heart with the guidance he receives from his tutor, that He will give him stamina and motivation to stay focused to research effectively and be remarkably productive in every aspect of his Thesis writing, that He will have mercy upon him pouring ideas into his mind and causing him to be incredibly interested in the material organizing his thoughts and allowing his fingers to pour out the words effortlessly into his assignments, and that He will help him to do remarkably well earning high grades for graduation. Thank you!

Please pray for me (Chesline ).

Please help me pray that our son do very well in his schooling, that he stay focused, learn his lines in drama off by heart, behave well, show fantastic improvements in especially his core subjects, that he will up his level grately and make a good impression on his teachers. Help me pray that he will play his part well in the big band and as a saxophone 1 player, show much improvements and gain the respect of his big band and saxophone teacher. Please help pray that my partner will still impress his bosses and maintain his contract for a while so we can have the finances to maintain a good living and get creditors off our backs, and that the landlord from the previous property will not take any further action against us. Please help me pray that I will have a financial windfall soon. Thank you and may God bless