Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.


please pray that my family be reunited. we have been seperated for a year,please ask God to bless the ones trying to keep us seperated out of our lives.Please pray for strength comfort and healing for us and our children

Sara goes out of her way to be supportive of those around her, but she's tongue-tied when it comes to speaking up for herself. This is hard on her and her relationships, as little issues and hurts become bigger and painful. Please pray.

Please pray for 6 /12 month-old R.J. who was born with a heart defect as a result of his mother, Charmin, taking Paxil before she found out she was pregnant with him. He was expected to be stillborn, then not expected to live as long as he has. He has been through one heart surgery. Please pray that he is healed and able to go home soon. Also please pray for God to give his mother and his father, Patrick, the strength to deal with his medical issues and that they will be stronger as a couple.

Please pray for Joska and Elaine (diabetes), Don (blood disorder; chronic pain), Ted (sick and lonely since the loss of his wife), MC (addiction), Fred (orthopedic surgery), Frank, Mary Y, and Lonika (cancer). May God bless and heal them, and relieve them of their financial burdens as well. May He bless you all.

please pray that the cancer on buttons face will heal and presious tumor will go away pray that my loved ones will be healthy and safe please lord i need your help as you stopped the blood let the cancer bleed no more aman

Today my Lord I come to you praying to have the power restore in our neighborhood as soon as possible ,it has been out since last Friday after the storm.I also pray for my sons ,Ricky and Raoul my daughter Michelle and my husband please help each one of them find the best solution to their problems specially Ricky with his financial problems he needs $125,000.00 to pay off his debts please look on them specially over Ricky.I thank you Lord for your help because you always hear my prayers.Please bless all of them,and those who pray with me.All Ivask in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ,Amen

Please pray for my landlord/roommate Carol, her son & extended family to read their Bible's daily, find a church home & the Lord's peace. I am renting a room in her tiny bungalow, now her 23rd old son, Chris has moved into the living I need a table to eat or work at. They are fighting & yelling.Chris & his friends need Jesus, jobs, to go to school & His purpose. He is resentful I am in "his" room even though I pay rent. They use closet in my room. I'm praying for a quiet, safe Christ-centered place,to work, write to get paid and rest & restore my health. Praying that my part-time job will pay me the back money that they owe me. Praying that I can increase my income: house-sitting, writing,more paid hrs, Godly financial blessings to find an uplifting living situation, heath insurance, a car, Christian friends. Prayers to trust & know Jesus, have His peace, guidance & His joy. Prayers to have a praiseful, positive spirit and to be a Blessing to others in Jesus name. Amen

I need prayer in the sell of our house.My husband and I are a part living at the time our house has been on the market for a long while now. I am staying with my mother she has some issues and can't be left alone. My father had pass 3 months ago and I was caregiver for him. We want to move closer to our family and be together.

Would you please pray for LEO, MARGARET & CHARLES U, HELEN, BOB, CHARLES, LOUIS, MARY L, PAT & AL, ELIZABETH and JOHN. May God bless each of them with forgiveness and healing.

Pray for Chad and Gena to speak nicely and forgive each other.Jesus please come into their lives.Take the stubborn persons they are and soften their hearts. They do belong together and they know this.When it is your will Jesus please send them back together for life, forever.They need to take care of one another like always before.Amen