Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.


Thanks for taking the time to pray for my family and others. Pray that I receive more patience and stay calm during this challenging time. Pray that my financial health improve so that I may better provide and care for my 2 young boys. I was working 2 part time jobs but now just one due to difficulties with my sons behavior. I had already been struggling financially before I lossed the second job. I am behind on my rent. Pray that I am able to get current on my rent immediately so that I can keep a home for my 7 and 9 year old boys and help them improve their mental health in Jesus name. Thank you!

This may sound odd. Usually we pray for marriages to work But in this case that is a bad idea. We've finally gotten our son out of a bad situation. for the last three years his wife; in , AL has been feeding him drugs and alcohol to keep him "happy" so that he would stay with her. Before he married her he had been clean and straight for seven years. But every chance she gets she has him go back up to her place for one thing or another. Usually it has something to do with Devin, the baby she was pregnant with when they met. I've told him the rules to staying at our place is NO DRUGS NO ALCOHOL and so far he has followed the rules. But we are concerned that she will use Devin to lure him back.
Our prayer is that God has a purpose forour son, Damion here. Please pray for Damion; that God would show him reasons to stay away from D., that HE would show Damion that HE has a calling for him here and needs him here.

My husband Ken and I decided that your marriage was over, a decision a long time coming. PLease pray for my daughter, ALyssa, to make it through her senior year unscared by this. Please pray for me, Dianne and Ken that now that we have come to this decision, work things out, and go our separate ways peacefully.
Thank you for your prayers for my family during this emotional time.

I just recently posted about my dtr. Christine who is looking for an apt. Apparently she almost was caught up in a rental scam, where someone listed a house in our area but stated they were on a mission trip in Africa. After several emails and checking up on the house, it turns out that it is a scam - the owner of the house just became aware of this situation.
Please pray for Christine's safety now....though the scammer does not have her direct email, he does know her name and where she works at a school so we are concerned that he may try to contact her at work. No social security information or bank information transpired, but her name and work are now known.
Pray for her protection from this scam artist.

Dearest Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for help
ing all of the people for whom we have prayed. I also thank you for
the many blessings bestowed on all of us...which we take for granted. Thank you, dearest God, for helping all addicts, Hilda and Eduardo. For a change in Edward.s heart and all people who are far away from you. Bless all of them, Lord. Thank you for blessing all jews around the world, Tamir, Bibi, B, lopes, all.
Give them wisdom, as you grant me the same, Father. I pray for peace in the region, especially hormus, jerusalem. Thank you Father for taking care of all of your children, especially our troops. Thank you for blessing all my friends at Our Prayer, their families, friends, and entire community. Give them the desires of their hearts, Lord. Thank you for hearin my prayer.

Please pray for my daughter who just moved. She is having a very difficlu time due to the cost, movers, etc.

I am back asking for prayer for my 34 son who suffers from multiple addictions. It would appear that he is on the brink of losing everything. His job is gone, his wife is filing for divorce, it is days before his landlord puts him out, his car will be repossessed. He told me in a telephone conversation last night that he even questions the existence of God, since he has asked so many times for his help in staying away from drugs and even within the same day, believes that God has done nothing to prevent his using.
I know that his using is not OF GOD, but OF SATAN, who wishes to destroy every good thing that God does, but God is mightier, and worthy of all our hope and praise. I am weary. Please pray?

I want prayers for my mother in law Barbara- and my brother in law for all the hurt and pain they caused my six yr old daughter Aniya the put witch craft on her father Anthony - to seperate from us she doesn't take care of her granddaughter neither does the uncle Firmament - hope the find salvation for the evil their coin on this earth to God's angel.

My friend Suzi - has been diagnosed with cancer. I need her to have all the prayer we can give, she is a wonderful person.

Please pray for our Pastor's wife, Gail, for she has been diagnosed with liver cancer and a spot on her lung as well. Chemo so far has not been helpful and has made her sick. Thanks, Dorothy from , Wisconsin.