Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray that God sends into my life the man that He intends for me to marry. Please pray that we grow to love each other, get married, and have children. Please pray that God sends the right man into my life before Thanksgiving and that I am dating someone for the holiday season. Thank you for your prayers.

God please urgently move into the current situation between me Forest and Cindy and the circumstances that are business related at her business and supernaturally influence and cause the truth to be revealed to me through all means especially directly through interaction with Cindy and her business, supernaturally cause things to work in my favor and me obtaining and receiving the truth about Cindy and what's been going on and help us get through this ASAP, make me victorious in Jesus name amen.

Please go around the world for healing on Bobbi's leg. She fell twice on it last night. She can"t even walk. And on her husband mike had pain implant put in yesterday and is totally depending on her. Also that God heal him of some major thi gs so their marriage gets better. Thank you

My mother has COPD and I am overwhelmed with fear, anxiety for the future. Help me to have a faith strong enough for this situation.

Please pray that my husband gets employed soon. Please thank you.

Family: finances/decision making ...thank you

Dear Lord-Please help my husband John S-Please bless & protect him he is trying so hard & is so good-Please remove all the obstacles & injustices in his path –Please bring good people into our lives-Amen Thank you all May God bless you & yours always

my Car Stolen 2x, once 10/23/19 in front of my house. gave it to God, got it back in 2 days.
2time I was @ Church on 11/3/19 when I came out my StoIen again. Im trying to Walk by Faith again. Its been so hard. me and my daughter are both Disabled, with Fibromyalgia. we walk a Mile to go to store in so much pain. Got approved to Retire car and get $$$, but now i have No car. its hard saving money for another Car, when on Disability,

Health for whole family. Marilyn's eyes heal, no lights, no flashing, no spots, no surgeries, blood pressure 100% normal, heart rate is 100 % normal, all blood tests 100% normal, all bodily functions and organs 100%normal, no major or minor tests or surgeries, no deadly diseases or terminal illnesses, pap smear, mammogram and bone density 100% normal, all dental visits good and no cavities, health for all and safe trip, to, from and during Disneyland, health for all special occasions and family functions, FOOT, LEGS and KNEES HEAL, and HANDS, all my grandkids always want me and to be with me. John is 100% healthy. Laura moves very close to me. Ryan finds a good woman and soul mate to marry this year, we love her and she loves us and they do family things with us. Ryan has healthy kids of his own, he never gets hurt or injured, he never gets in trouble with the law, he has job and financial security and his house if protected. John and I (Marilyn) grow very old together and I am never lonely and always busy.

I have not gave up yet...please pray that I will soon find a job using my current skills in IT Security and continue to work until I am ready to retire.