Pray for Others

Pray for my brother in law Dave and his wife Tip. He's been unresponsive since his second brain surgery they're going to place him in a nursing home. Pray for the C. family. Pray for my health and husband's health. Pray for my weight loss journey. I need to lose a lot of weight.

Prayer is requested for our family to be open to a miracle tonight in NC. My son is there and is confused and misguided concerning a young lady he is infatuated with and he needs to come home with his mother and his sister and be a peace, and delivered from this demon that is lying to him and has him in bondage to this delusion that he is going to marry the wife of another man. And we pray that satan will be bound and rebuked by the Lord Himself for trying to destroy our son and the life God has for Ken In Jesus Name We plead the Blood of Jesus over the police that are on the scene, as well. Amen Please agree if you can in Jesus Name for complete delivery from satan's attack

Please pray for me and my family we need a financial blessing to meet unexpected obligations.
Thank you

Please for the family’s that have water damage.
Hoping that they will be able to get assistance.

On Aug 20, I have a PETscan to see if I need more chemo for lung cancer. I want to trust God to take away fear, replace it with His great love and peace and courage - and also healing, if that's His will. For my whole family to choose to trust God and love Jesus - some of them are not yet believers. They all have been sharing extraordinarily loving support throughout this new health journey. I'm also dealing with possible COPD, spine and sciatic issues, neuropathy in feet, and puzzling eye inflammation and discomfort, affecting my vision. (And I do not have diabetes) I am 82 years young and am from a long-lived family . . . I want to be a positive witness for my precious family and many dear friends - for all of whom I am so so thankful~! Thank you and God bless you all~!

Lord, we pray that Trish gets healed from this brain cancer and relieved of All pain. Her 11 years old daughter needs her in her life. Please send the right doctors to provide her with the miracle cure she needs in Jesus name. Please give us the strength and power to encourage her and provide the support she needs. Lord, Please remove the Giloma and all signs of cancer from her head if this is you will. Please build up the family to accept your will and desire for her life. For we know you love her most but we love her and there is still a need for this single mom to live for her baby needs her. In Jesus Holy name I pray, Amen

Please pray that my son, Grant, receives the positive news of a job in S. this week. With current companies he’s interviewing with such as W., or new. Please pray that he gets this new start in a new city. Thank you.

Please pray that the communication and conditions between myself and my boss will greatly improve and god will guide my decision for choice of jobs

As a small business owner in these tough economic times we are struggling to pay the bills and provide for our family and the families of our employees. We have changed the direction of the business I pray the lord will guide customers back through our doors so we can once again provide for our family and the families of our employees

Appreciate prayers for complete and total healing of my 4-year-old granddaughter, Victoria, from a viral infection, congestion, and coughing. In Jesus' name. Amen