Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for God’s continued protection, security, and safety for me, my family, and our homes and that we remain in His care. Also pray that God will bless my VISION with His favor to be in alignment with HIS VISION and shower us with continuous, amazing financial and spiritual increase, anointing, and favor.

My sister, Anna, who just underwent her fourth chemotherapy treatment. Please pray that our Lord Jesus's divine healing miracle be upon her and that she will be cancer free and that all her organs will all function properly. For my mom, Guia, that she be completely healed from her skin condition and for her memory to be restored. Healing and salvation for my friends Bob (diabetes) and Jerry (possible prostrate cancer).... Thank you so much...

That God gives me a clearer picture of how to address the needs of his youth, send someone willing to sponsor the program,! Pray for Xena, Aliyah, Vera, Donyea, Tayana , Cj, Jordan, Cidney, Kya, Aquilla, Breanna and many other youth of abuse that positive changes happen immediately be faithful to God, come to church. I need help, I can"t do it all by myself, I need reliable staff, funds, bigger reliable transportation, supplies of ALL kinds, There are people that are malicious& vindicatively holding on to the youth support funds for spite! Pray for that immediate release!Pray for the right grant for youth funding, a donated office space, computers etc everything we need to go forward, for youth parents& community leaders to meet for the program! I ask this to be manifested right now! Thank you for your prayers !Amen!

I have finally lost patience with my older brother, who had alienated all his friends. I was working with other problems when he called me twice this week and woke me from a sound sleep -- he lives in Hawaii and often doesn't realize what time it is in Texas. Now I can't reach him, and I'm sorry I lost patience and yelled at him. This time change is always difficult for me, even though I am now retired. He has never worked, and his days and nights have always been confused. I promised my mom I'd look out for him, but that is so difficult to do, because he doesn't listen to me. I have him in an investment that has made 100% in the past three years, and he has spent most of his other free cash and now wants me to cash out this investment. It drives me crazy and I'm afraid he'll end up broke and want me to support him. My frustration is acute.

Peace in maiduguri,long life and prosperity prayer 4 d needy

Please pray for my husband, Dick, for a potential job opportunity. It is a perfect niche for him to utilize his talents & love for the third world.

Please pray that I get well from this bronchitus.
Lisa W.

kindly pray for rosemary to permenently return back to india as soon as possible , and for lambert to forget all these friends he is moving around or in contact , i pray that god will choose his godly friends for him and that he should agree to the girl i selected for him which is a god and godly girl , i ask for prayers that the girls family should agree & accept this proposal of mine ,church pls hold me in ur prayers and uplift this request of mine to the lord i also beleive that these prayers are answered, in the mighty name of jesus amen amen.

Please pray that my father Wayne - gets a lone for 5000 dollors or the means to by our home so were not homeless
Katherine -

Lord Thank You for my healed tight circulation R foot knee sides of head & neck, healed teeth esecially rear & jaws. Thank You all who pray! Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Love Forgiveness Peace Rest & Sleep for everyone. Amen.