Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

I pray that I will be well enough to do the work I need to do today. I pray that God would protect and deliver me from Ben and John who are creating havoc for me. I pray for wisdom about whether to keep contracting to John. I pray I will be able to do the work for Ben today easily and that I will still have energy to help Lea with her website. I pray that Lea wont be mad that I'm busy and haven't been able to do her logo yet. Thank you, in Jesus' name.

Heavenly Father, let Di & Jim be saved, have a better personal relationship with Jesus, read their Bible, pray, & fellowship. Let Jim be healed of his 3 ulcers & duodenum & Di be healed with strength & hope by Jesus' stripes. Let them support one another & love You & each other forever. Let Di, Jim, Kevin, Kayleigh, Tom, Kathie & me be reconciled & always love & help each other & others. Let us all belong to a church, Bible study with more Christian friends to grow spiritually & evangelize. We ask for repentance to be forgiven & to forgive, grace with peace, harmony, the fruit & gifts of the Spirit, compassion, prosperity & forgiveness in Jesus name.

Prayers for Felicia R 20 years young on life support. May our Lord bring forth miracles for Felicia. PTL4EVR AMEN AMEN

Hello my childhood best friend Brett P has a court date tomorrow that will change his life forever he is 17 years old and he doesn’t have a lot of support I just want the children of God to pray for Brett that he is able to get out tomorrow thank u for praying for him god bless

Please pray for Felicia R.

I pray that God would strengthen G's heart and deliver them from their circumstances. I pray that God would heal Martha's depression. I pray that God would strengthen Kitty's heart and give her good Godly friendships. I pray that God would give Kitty hope about her future and that she will trust God for the right spouse. Thank you, in Jesus' name.

Urgent prayer for my son mc as he is nearing End of his probation. Please protect with no complications of any sort. Show favor on him for his willingness to change and fo better. May the lord walk with him and teach him his ways always. May the lord strike outbany evil forces that are attempting to disrupt mc's peace and our peace, his parents

I pray that me and Andrew will be able to agree on a wedding caterer and that we will be able to find somewhere delicious that isn't too expensive. I pray that God would guide us on which company to use. Thank you, in Jesus' name.

I have applied for 3 postings for custodian by WSU. Please pray they hire me. I'm in a precarious financial state. Thanks.

I pray that me and Andrew's store will do well and that we will have time to spend on it this week. I pray that we will agree on all of the creative decisions we need to make. I pray that God would help us come up with a good store name, help us create a good logo, and help us choose a good store theme. I pray that the baby rompers would be good quality and that the designs will come out well. I pray God would give us creative inspiration on everything we need to get done. Thank you, in Jesus' name.