Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

My cousin's husband Cass now has the virus and has asked for prayer for him and his family. Thank you so much.

Pray that my left arm joints heal without delay.Bless my baby Ahliya and let her be a happy child willing to go to school bless Nylah and Ahliya with good health and he emotionally mentally physically spiritually strong let Nylah sleep well through the night let us get good paying renters for the apt kee me and my family safe from Coronavirus let Emily realise my worth and let the new st F-coordinator and Irene and lucie resign .let us be happy and united in love within the family bless baby Ahliya and Nylah with beauty intelligence and virtues thank you jedis and mother Mary

For rjk, thank you for your continued healing and support. Keep him strong in mind body and spirit. Continue to strengthen his shoulder and back. Rid him of his pain. Get him restarted on his weight loss. Curb his sugar cravings. Restore him to full health and vitality. Ease his anxiety and help him to stay positive. Give him purpose and help him engage more each day. Fill his soul with happiness and joy and bless him abundantly.

In the name of Jesus prayers for peace and healing for me and the world; help me to know and do God's will; prayers for healing, safety, success, and happiness for me and my family; help me to do what needs to be done for unemployment; prayers that the medical staff does the right things for Holly's healing. Thank you.

I need your purse right away the door will take care of email problems for me that the Lord take care of someone else need it for a new phone today and tomorrow so not allowed I build to be acute to an account and not the company will have some allowances for people who are going to this difficult time pray for tease work to jail be able to get the new position and near future and three starters school and take the worry off online prefab work stressing up being so tight for everything money money checks checks bills bills the liars trying to discourage or make a thing well things were better I could be keeping being short for short you'll never come out of it will die poor you won't die poor please pay for Lord to not allow Jeep it's mine to be right up with stress touch inside please pray again for JH it's like a loose cannon emotionally pray for Jesus stop the youngness screaming the arguing pray of the Lord will shut her down as we speak to stop this pray for peace peace peace today victory in Jesus I clean that

Please pray for my daughter Elizabeth, she is six months pregnant and working as a teacher for infants. Pray that with the Covid-19 going on she can stay healthy and happy to serve these infants.
Also pray for my son in law who works delivering food to the stores and schools. He puts product on the shelves in stores and is immune compromised. Pray that he can stay healthy and strong to serve the community.
Thank God that they both have jobs. Amen

God and Saint Jude, Thank you so much for all your blessings. Please help me and my entire family to stay positive. Please protect us all physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Please let T get a great summer job that he can excel at. Please protect my family and friends and keep them all safe. Let us look to you for guidance. In your name we pray.

Please pray for Rudi and Leigh. Amen

Please pray for Ronnie S-mother in hospital dying of the virus. She is in her 50’s.
Pray for Ronnie S-as well please.

I love you Lord. Forgive me of my sins and those who have sinned against me. Cast down all wrong thoughts, words, ideas, acts, actions, & imaginations brought against me/my daughters and bring them into supplication. Surround us with legions of angels and a hedge of protection. Guide us in the way we should go. Help MJ turn from his ways and seek you. Help his words and actions match. Remove anyone or anything not if you. Help my words and actions match. Remove transgressions & iniquities. Help me to love and use my words to edify. Help me lose weight in the most peaceful healthy way. I surrender all. Heal the world & help us work together in your name. Help me see with God’s eyes and hear with God’s ears. Give me wisdom & discernment. Guide my steps and help me use my gifts & talents for your glory. Help me be slow to speak & quick to listen. I declare & decree that everything I ask shall be given unto me. I declare & decree sound mind, body, & soul. I declare & decree healing, prosperity, generational wealth, & love. In Jesus name I pray. Amen