Pray for Others

My oldest son Joshua is working 3rd. shift this week out of town. And will be driving it back home of the mornings. I pray for his and his co-workers protection and safety. And that they stay focused and alert during the night shift work & drive to & from. It's always a hard adjustment from day work to midnight work

Please pray for peace,healing and comfort for our great niece ,a 14 month old baby girl nsmef Ayla who has been hospitalized with a diabetic attack...we love this precious baby and her family ..thank you ..Bless you

Good evening to you all! my prayer request tonight would be for my finances. Please pray for God to open up the windows of heaven for my finances. Pray that the Great I Am will pour out His blessings from above to release finances for me. I thank you all and God Bless you!

Please guide me to a new job. I lost my job August 3rd halfway through my shift I was sent to HR. The HR Director handed me an envelope with my last check. He stated he would love to help me find another job and give me a good character reference. MA

That a large financial obligation which is actually fraud, be completely cleared off the D.records. They are trying to blame this obligation on me.

Please pray for me (I need prayers I can stay on 1st shift n be home at night with my kids n the plan is Nathan Walking Home after school with a Friend n my mom suppose to take him every morning to school ).

I am starting a new job and am feeling very stressed with all I must do in a short time. Please pray that I will feel more comfortable with the new boss.

I'm looking for a job, interviewing and I'm so depressed. I need God to find me a good paying job with benefits SOON. please remember me in prayer.

P/r for wendys health (bp) & colitus her marriage restored prayer for her husband adultery & a baby born Frm the other woman .for wendys famity to be restored w/her husband and 3 children.pray for wendy to be able to get her stolen items back her neighbors stole when she lost her home b/c of her husband's adultery. Wendys coming back to her mom &dad this week w/her children pls pray her journey is safe and prayer for mom & dad joy& ken as they help wendy get back on her feet ty

BA, MA & RB are desperately seeking divine breakthrough and intervention in their Employment search
The following must surrender their personal lives to Jesus immediately: Eben, Alvia, Jones, Barnabas, James, Rosina, Enoch, Miguel
Ben seeking divine intervention and breakthrough in collecting his money from debtors; completing his construction projects; getting his renters to comply;
Brother BK seeking divine intervention and breakthrough in his marital needs
Healing for Martha Juliana Thomas Steve Paullette Rebecca Lydia Mary Comfort Ebenezer