Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for my daughter Julie & my 2 grandkids. Julie is going through a tough divorce and her husband is very unstable causing a lot of stress to her & their 2 small children. One day he agrees to this, later that day he says he changed his mind calling her nasty names. Please also pray for Paul, her husband, so he makes up hisind & sticks to it.
Thank you & God bless!

please pray for my family relationships and for us to have a good day tomorrow. And for our finances, that God puts food on the table and that the car lasts.IN Jesus Name amen

I have been blessed by God, due to bad choices, additions, I am in deep debt. Im paying it back, and I am just really stressed, because my job, has me working with people who drink on the job. They have been suspended, but never let go. I pray for them, forgive them because I know what additions can do. So please pray that Gods will be done, in this matter. I want to find a new position, make about the same amount of money, and just keep moving forward. Pray, God protects me, and can have mercy to allow me to have a door opened, so I can reduce my stress. Thank you ...God bless

Please continue to intercede for us as we seek full time employment. We don't want to have to move but sometimes, God has a better plan. We are progressing towards retirement and experience age discrimination on a large scale. But we know God is able to open doors that appear tightly shut. We also know God is able to bring about what man says is impossible by having someone to boldly pursue us for their agency and to offer us lucrative salaries and benefits which would allow us to remain in our present home and to sell our other home. But whatever comes, we will trust God to provide. Just as we trust that God will bring to light the ugliness that was poured out upon me by the past agency when I experienced health issues and they chose to do away with my full time position and then simply do away with any work for me at all even though I had relocated to area as part of my employment agreement with them 5 years ago. May their ugliness not permit me from obtaining further employment at a better salary w benefits & agency ethics. Thanks

help my grandson Jesse and his wife Hope through this tragic loss of their 7 month old baby girl Melissa. they need prayers and guidance for such a young couple. my heart hurts foe them and we are depressed. Help my brother James who turned 50 get the help he needs. Amen thanks A

Pray for the lost to get saved. For Abi's family and friends who are lost/not saved. Pray for the backsliders for the ones struggling with sin and temptation, for the depressed, the anxious, the mourning the poor the deaf. Pray that God heals his people and that they get saved before it's too late. IN Jesus Name Amen

For Joey B sick with sinus inf im worried its the virus

PLease pray that I get my strength back up and feel better.Pray for me to get caught up and make good grades.That im allowed another year and kept safe and for me to grow closer to Jesus and get my credit/debt situation under control. IN Jesus Name Amen

Pray for my brother, Russ and his health issues.

Pray for my brother, Randy and his mental health.