Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Strength and health and good rest at night. God please help the children to be obedient to doing what they are supposed to do at recess time at school, asking for the weather. They will be wearing their masks correctly, not touching one another and also not digging in my area, and doing the things they know I have told them to do or not to do. Asking I will have an easy day today if God's will. So worn.

People of God, I want victory over every spirit of disapptment, failure and backwardness
2.) God should have mercy on me
3). God should deliver my life from generational curses and spell that is working against my progress
4.) I want a miracle of breakthrough to all what have been looking towards for a very long years.
5) I want God to put all my family household enemies to shame as they refused to let me go

Healing for my body.

Please pray for me as I am having a very hard time over the death of my mother

I have been diagnosed with Neuropathy. It's a painful . I have to learn to walk all over again. Need Prayers.

211 to hit feed hungry

Please keep me on track with my prayer time and watch over our family and Lottie, Dennis, Richie, and Ann's friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. Please bring our world closer to God.

Health for whole family. Marilyn's eyes heal, no flashing, no lights, no spots, no surgeries, spot under tongue benign, blood pressure 100% normal, heart rate 100% normal, al bodily functions and organs 1005 normal,all blood tests 100% normal, pap smear, MAMMOGRAM,bone density 100% normal,no major or minor tests or surgeries,no deadly diseases or terminal illnesses, NONE OF MY FAMILY GETS CORONAVIRUS,FOOT, LEGS,KNEES,HIPS,FINGERS, HANDS, STOMACH HEAL, dental all good, no more cavities, no gum problems, all healthy for special occasions, family functions, YELLOWSTONE,snow trip and all trips,John and I(Marilyn) safe,protected and healthy when at LVI,when with family and friends,when out at all,John with football,financial security for us.John is 100% healthy.Laura moves closer to me or I(Marilyn) can always spend a lot of time with her, I(Mairlyn) am 100% healthy and can always babysit.Ryan and Ruby marry soon and are soul mates,we always love her,she loves us,they do family things, her family loves Ryan.Ryan has healthy kids of his own,he never gets hurt or injured,he never gets in trouble with the law,he has job and financial security,he house and car are protected,he stops heavy drinking,he does family things.John and I(Marilyn) grow very old together and I am never lonely and alway busy.

Give me the energy to do the exercises that may help in pain relief.

Please pray for my sister Judy and her family. She lost her daughter Heather suddenly yesterday. Also for Heather's husband, Felix. Thank you.