Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray God will send His healing grace on my legs. They are swelling so bad they hurt. God Is Good All The Time. Thank you for your prayers

Prayers desperately needed for Jr. He's so depressed after his back surgery and crying and wants to give up. As his mom, it's very hard for me to watch this and not be able to help him. Pray for both of us please.

Thy will be done

Pray for my cousin Jerry on Tuesday. He is undergoing a procedure on his heart. His regular doctor is retiring and a “new” doctor is doing the procedure. The Lord knows what all is going to be done.

Prayers and blessings a health issue concern will come to a permanent cease now.
Thank you

I have asked for this prayer before – it’s an effort to continue until the Lord answers someway somehow.

My husband & I require housing. We are praying for a particular house in another town nearby. It's perfect for us and we require a miracle to get it.

We find it nigh impossible to get housing in this area. For every unit available, there's five or more applying for the unit. Most units are $800 - $1300 plus hydro and water.

There’s no public transportation here. So, there’s the added cost of transportation expenses to travel from any town to my husband’s job costing about $400/mth not including wear and tear of the vehicle. So, it's quite costly to rent AND pay for travel TO work. With our income and situation (I can no longer work due to health issues), we're finding the whole situation bleak.

Our only option is to purchase a house which would be easily affordable for our income. We've been praying for one particular house to purchase.

Please, please pray as we are currently boarding in a house where people drink and smoke marijuana almost day in and day out.

Pray for our television instalation. Pray for them to come when my husband is home. Pray for us to get our tv out of the house. Pray for me to start losing weight. Pray for my marriage and finances and son's finances.

Sunshine Jesus at 4ish and every ish - I am so glad that you hid this from the wise and prudent and revealed it to me. I knew you wouldnt let me down. Thank you for calming down my fears and anxieties. I trust that you do know what's best. I am excited about what else you have in store for me directly afterwards or in lieu as you do know my "Pension Fears" for this I am greatful!

in Jesus Name (with all fans on computer 2 rooting my present and future on)! It's a good thing that Permanency is God's thang!!!


For my daughter's pregnancy, labor, and delivery to go well and that I can wrap my new grand baby up in my arms come June. Please Lord, keep them both safe and healthy throughout this most miraculous time.

Please pray for my Mom...her cancer came back, pray for to be pain free, happy and healthy..once again.