Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Dear Lord,_x000d_
I thank You for sending my Colleen to a school where she will be happy, be close to home, and serve You. I pray that Colleen and Matt will listen to You telling them what to do with their house, they will be out of debt, and they will live in a house and be happy in raising Garrett. I pray that You send my Kelly a man who will love her, marry her, and give her children. Thank you for bringing our Kelly home safely from Peru. Kelly is now ill from her trip. Please heal her. I pray that You protect my entire family. Give them happiness, peace, love, joy and patience. I pray that You heal my husband. I pray that You give us 20 more years of marriage. I pray that we will never be in debt again. I pray that we be able to pay our daughters’ student loans. I pray and vow I will fund a special education teacher at St. T- and set up a trust for my mentally retarded sister by letting me win money. I pray that healing takes place between my husband and his two sisters. Please keep Garrett safe his entire life and let him grow up to be a wonderful man to serve the Lord in Jesus name. Also heal Matt J- who was hit by a car. In Jesus _x000d_
name. Amen

Dear God in Heaven, Thank you for this day. Please pour out your wonderful peace upon the people. Let healing manifest in bodies, minds, souls and spirits. Let the armor of Holy Spirit surround us, let us take a firm stand against the devil and his demons. Give us a heavenly song as we join the angels in worship to you. Let broken hearts, homes and lives be restored. Let the chains of addiction and all sicknesses be destroyed. In Jesus' mighty name, amen.

Please pray for the healing and restoration of this country; Lord, restore this country to the Christian precepts on which it was founded and let this country truly becomes a nation under God. Lord, let Your will be done; bless this country spiritually and let it be on fire for You and let there be a mighty revival, and bless this country economically with jobs for all. Let this country be a beacon unto the world for You resulting in the salvation of multitudes of lost souls, both in this country and in the world. Thank you.

Please Pray for my family to have guidance,protection,good health and to be prosper_x000d_
In Jesus name I Pray_x000d_

Thank You Lord Jesus Mother Mary for our wonderful friend Genelle and her prayer support to us, for my Mom's healing and me. Thank You for Genelle's great courage & sense of humor as her ribs are healing, especially left side, free free of pain, she's resting & sleeping well and stopping the medication soon, that she stay healthy w/ other conditions, heart strong, defibulator working well, body clear of all but healthy organisms, This we pray for all who need.

Yes please pray for my sister, Sandra -. She has osteoarthritis in her shoulder and an eroding clavicle bone, same side. She just turned 40. She also deals with a very small blockage in her carotid artery and that was last year. I am just concerned she will feel overwhelmed and down about all this. Please pray for complete healing for my dear sister._x000d_
Thank you so much for your time. Joanna -

Please Lord Jesus, God & Holy Spirit guide my morning meeting. Please put the words I need to argue what I believe is best for the children & win against others who only want to glorify themselves.

I ask for prayers of healing of my physical body, I have many diseases/conditions that all cause chronic moderate to severe pain, I feel I have lost my life, can barely take care of myself and need asistance that I am not able to pay for. I am just 46. Sometimes I think I cannot bare another day of this. Sometimes feel ignored and deserted by God and people. Thank you._x000d_
Sherry G.

Please pray for our cat Sammy who has a respiratory illness. He is taking steriods meds now and his breathing is a little better. His appetite remains poor though and he doesn't drink water as he usually does._x000d_
Please pray to God for Sammy to eat and drink some if it be God's will._x000d_
Please pray for Sammy_x000d_
to not be in any discomfort and for God's angels to surround him and keep him stable as possible._x000d_
Our hearts are heavy with worry and concern. My faith wavers in believing in Sammy's healing. We keep praying and hoping. Please pray for God to guide us one day at a time to do what we can.

Please be prayiing for me as I am grieving the death of a former co-worker. I needed to apologize to him about something but put it off and now it's too late. _x000d_
I saw a grief counselor, but she kept interrupting me and I never got to complete a sentence, so I didn't go back. _x000d_
I used to work with "C" a long time ago, going back 20 years in fact. He was a lot older than me and very particular about how things were done. He was never my supervisor, but he did outrank me by several levels. We got off on the wrong foot with each other, which I know now was my fault. C. had written a grant which was renewed every year and I had to do all the clerical work connected with it, for no extra pay. I was already overloaded with work. C. had at first allotted money in the grant to pay for a part time secretary but our boss decided I could do the work for nothing. This made me very angry, and I developed a bad attitude about it. I was a single parent and could have used any extra money. The grant was renewed every year and its services helped the community, but I didn't see it that way. C. grew to dislike me intensely because of my attitude. He often complained about me. This went on for years, until he retired. C. was very popular and well-liked by everyone in the department. I was the only one who had issues with him. I purposely didn't attend his retirement luncheon, and I was told afterward that he had made fun of me concerning my personal appearance and "squeaky" voice. This hurt me deeply and intensified my anger and resentment. _x000d_
About 2 years ago, the Lord began to convict me of making peace with my past and apologizing to those I had wronged. C.'s name came to mind. He had been retired for several years by then and I had no contact with him. I did not heed the Lord's direction. I felt that apologizing to C. would be humilating after so much time had passed, and I wasn't sure of his reaction. Again and again, the Lord's direction was to apologize and try to make peace between us. I honestly felt C. would not accept an apology or believe I was sincere. _x000d_
Two months ago, I opened my newspaper and saw C.'s obituary. He died of a heart attack while on vacation. Since then I have been so terribly convicted that I did not do what God asked of me, and sorry for the way I acted to C. all those years. I was wrong. It was my job at work to do whatever was asked of me without complaining, and this I did not do. So now I am feeling so guilty and ashamed. Please pray that I can find peace with this. I am considering discussing it with my pastor. Thank you for praying.