Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Lord you have sustained me in my times of need there are so many things I dont know please help me with my faith and worries. I know you are a god of power and grace. grant me serinity in my needs and concerns help me to do my best in this life and please provide for all things and allow me peace amen

My husband has heart problems and diabetes. He has quanity of lifr but no quality. He stays in bed most of the day. We are stretched so far with our money. My request is that if it is Gods will that we can sell our house and move to apartment so that we can pay off the house and the car with the money for the sale of the house and that Gods will be done with his health issues and all the stress involved. We both are on SS

My unemployed sister has a job interview today.

All Evil be gone,no more Cancer, rude people,greed,rotten doctors(may Jesus change their hearts and minds to help us that are ill,and all the rotten people that do not care about us that are sick, For we are the Lords children that cry for help and pray for answers.I ask only for a prayer and just hope. May Jesus bless me,with a change in attitudeto be positive and help me get better so I may help others who will die from Evil.My eyes have been open to see all the greed ,lies, and hate for the old and the sick,This must stop.May the Lord bless me with Prayer and Jesus keep my spirit above all that is Evil and Prevail.Look out Evil, The Lord and Prayer are coming, and all will lose that are Evil.May the Lord hear my Prayer,and those Prayers of all others that will help.Radiation Specialist this week, and may all go well ..Faith Conquers and Prayer hammers it home.My Fears will end with Prayer .

please pray for lavell that he will have peace of mind,a clear mind and deliverance from depression and tinnitus.

Hello everybody i really need your prayers support and blessing my brother drunk to much alcohol and now he's in the hospital and i want him to live and come threw this storm let him respond to us & the doctor and please god DON'T TAKE MY BROTHER AWAY FORM US ITS NOT HIS TIME TO GO LORD SO PLEASE PRAYER FOR ME AND MY BROTHER IM BEGGING YOU GOD AND ALL OF YOU AS WELL ! PLEASE HELP ME AND SAVE MY BROTHER TRAVIS LIFE PLEASE DON'T REBUKE ME OR THESES PRAY REQUEST PRAY ME AND MY BROTHER TRAVIS IN JESUS NAME AMEN

please join with me in a prayer to my fiance so that, God can break all the curses he is carrying because of sin life he is living, he is taking alcohol and having adultery relationship. Please pray for him so that he can be saved and turn to Jesus. May Holy Spirit talk to him and change his mind by showing him true love and divine love i have for him and rescue him from the bondage which hold him in that relationship which is out of God will. May spirit of anger,adultery,drunkerdness and hatreth towards me destroyed by God.May God rescue him and allow us to get married soon, I love him so much.when Hanna was praying for a child,she promised God that she will give the child to God,i promise to God that the family which he will give me with Sad--k, we will serve God with love and commitment.May that woman holding him in the adultry relationship,leave him. May Holy Spirit talk to her and let her set him free.let that woman quit without pain in her heart,i dont want her to feel pain.God i surrender this situation in your hands because you are my redeemer.

please pray as iv been getting up crying and being all depressed over things in my life that might happen please as my dr gave me med. please pray that it work well and i get my life back on track and my thoughts that keep me from living happy and joyfull life be gone and i be a great blessing to all in my life as i lift my eyes to our God for help and security please pray i get a great sence of well being and that my life is going to be great after all it was a gift from God please pray i bring great blessing to God as He takes care of my every need please pray my mind be set free from all struggeles its been put threw latly please pray as i reach my hands out for prayer and Gods great confort that i drop out of my grasp all my stress and wories and fears please pray all my inscurity be gone as i know God is over all

Please pray for my husband Tracy who is feeling the financial burden of my not working due to a disability. Pray that he will find joy and confidence in drawing close to God with things he may not understand that God is doing. Ask God to give him the peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for believing with me that God will work out a wonderful work in Tracy, in all circumstances. May his children and myself, rise up and call him blessed. Ask God to draw him closer and closer, until he knows how much God loves him and how he would never leave him, no matter what. Ask God to give me the wisdom to support him during these last days. Praise God and thank you for your prayer. Cindy

Good morning Praying vunteers, will you please pray with me as I ask the Lord and His Holy Spirit to come down on me, I need His presence in my life, thereis so much happening in mylife right now and I am losing the strenght every day.I am a born again Christian. I need the Lord to Touch me and show me the sign that He is still there as I trust and know, thnk you God bless.