Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

The Good News Gospel JEUS CHRIST Saves, Flood the streets CD Juarez, Chih? Mexico. To be said in there native language Spanish? Be by Television, Radio, Newspapers, and Street preachers preaching in the plazas, malls etc of their own home town. Spanish Christian Evangelist going out, passing out the good news gospel tracts by day and at night. The GOOD news of The Gospel of JESUS CHRIST Saves can transform the city of danger to a city of Hope and not of danger to anybody living there or visitors coming. This city that has been over written and plague with crime of killings everyday that has no end, the peoples live in fear by day and Night. Saying who is next. When will it stop has been there protest A cities mountainside that says, written in Spanish words “Read your Bible” In big White Letters that you can clearly see from the ground up or from the sky down. If flying by plane or helicopter. Even from the I-10 freeway coming or going you can see the message in Spanish only. What borders CD Juarez, Chih? Mexico, that is ELPaso, TX._x000d_
This is my Prayer for this city CD Juarez, Chih? Mexico until something happens for the best, for the people of this city. That when change comes that the whole country be infected with the message of the good news Gospel. Of JESUS CHRIST saves_x000d_
Asking Jesus Christ sake Amen_x000d_
Thank You Prayer Warrior and Intercessors Always

Please pray for my husband. He is suffering from severe depression and anxiety. He has lost all hope of finding relief. Please pray for patience, hope and relief for him. Thank you!

The Louie - family_x000d_
We and ask you LORD not to help us to escape our problems, difficulties or hardship, but LORD help us through it with your help always. Having more faith in you alone LORD and a stronger faith in the living God. Who MUST be Worship in Truth and in Spirit? That we can comfort others! Who are going through the same as we are! Strengthen them. Telling them Trust in the LORD Always. Even, if we don’t see Him or feel Him. But we know he is at work in lives personally. Through circumstances and situation we have no control over. That we can become stronger believers_x000d_
For Jesus Christ sake Amen_x000d_
Prayer request_x000d_
Thank You Prayer Warriors and Intercessors Always_x000d_
The G- Family -_x000d_
Louie G-, & family. -. We are, very, very, concern!!!!! That our Electric, Gas Very basic phone will be cut less and also help my wife pay the rent. Cause, she carries a heavy burden in paying all the bills. To find some kind employment, that’s within reach and walking distance close by to pay theses ultities.even if it only part-time. Something is something._x000d_
Asking Jesus Christ sake: Amen_x000d_
Thank You always Prayer warriors and Intercessors_x000d_
Prayer Request (Bobby -)_x000d_
Pray and hope my friend In-Christ Bobby - is doing well and ok_x000d_
-That the V.A. is giving him the help he needs physically and financially. To support himself and his needs he needs. Most of LORD is that you’re with him in all he does in life and help him stay away from harms way and help him stay out of trouble, which he doesn’t need in his life. But that Your Grace be working in his life daily. _x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake Amen_x000d_
Thank You Prayer Warriors an Intercessors Always._x000d_
PRAYER REQUEST M-family_x000d_
LORD turns the Mr. Mercedes & Consuleo Mrs. M- home-- A place of hope! mercy and redemption In Jesus Christ. That those visiting them friends relatives leave with a Spiritual Renewal and a new sense whom Jesus Christ is in their lives. And how lives have been change._x000d_
Asking for Jesus sake Amen_x000d_
Thank You_x000d_
Prayer Request Randi -_x000d_
LORD helps my sister find a new place to live at, because where she is living at is unsafe, Dangers, for them. She needs a new place close to around but that is safe. For her and her daughter, and son a place. They can call home. LORD, be with her as she comes to and from work and all she does. Even at her job working their and all those working with her and their safety and protection. Asking for there salvation in Christ Jesus to be saved_x000d_
Asking for Jesus sake Amen_x000d_
Thank You Prayer warriors and intercessors

my attitude is horrible - i'm so unhappy with my life - i have serious back issues, sitting is misery at work - i'm responsible for my Mother who is 91 and legally blind. my weekends at confinement just because she can't be left alone. i feel trapped and angry and hateful toward God who i feel put me in this situation. do i not have a right to have a life, or no? i'm 59 yrs old and i like freedom. to pick up and go if i want and not be limited yet of course i realize i'm blessed to have a Mother, but it doesn't change how i feel about restrictions in my life. where is this abundant life Jesus promised? I'm trapped - i don't want my Mother to die, but i want my freedom too. we can't afford an aide on the weekends. we have one during the week, and it's wiping out all of my Mother's savings. i'd rather be at work than stay home all day with my Mother. maybe i need to rethink this whole thing. pls pray accordingly. my Mother's not a believer yet. pls pray that my anger, depression and hostility changes because i know God has purpose for this. i love my Mother, but how does this happen? when one sibling becomes the primary caregiver and loses their freedom if there aren't enough resources to pay for help? how can i live a little? pls help me to accept whatever God dictates for my life. thanks, jill

God thak you for this day and everyday, I prayer for your healing of my lupus filled body, I want to do for you and others, but my body is so tired, I owuld like to be a mother an wife once again. I do all that you say do and that the doctors tell me to do, but the body is getting weaker and weaker, I know you are with me and carry me through this long journey, I want to give to others as you have given to me. I love you Lord

i had a knee replacement on jan 3 2011 my whole body rejected the surgery leaving me with breathing problems shortness of breath & now also very bad pain in the lower back thank you loretta

Today is my brother's girlfriend's birthday and I am praying for Robin to have supernatural favor & provision today. I am making a $20 offering on her behalf. Thank you!

i need prayer tonight for my breathing and my body thank you

1-Pray for my brother to be healed of dilated ascending aorta, mother of diabetes, and father of arthritis. 2-Pray for an unspoken need of mine to be met. 3-Pray that God keeps me safe in all ways. 4-Pray that God controls a difficult situation in my life. 5-Pray that I will obtain proof needed to file civil lawsuits. 6-Pray that God will provide me with a spouse.

GOD OUR Gracious GOD May your presence be all the only comfort they need. as your peace is everlasting. Amy, through your music you inspire us...and thru guidepost may we comfort you. LS~Tx