Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for Bill and Lydia who are dealing with a family situation that has taken months to try and resolve. They are Christians. But Mike and Debbie are not Christian. Please pray for resolve, peace, and salvation. Thank you.

Please pray for us. I am a Marine girlfriend, and Jhonie is away in Iraq now. I should not be expecting him home any sooner than October 2012. I am terrified every day. I lost contact with him two weeks ago and don't know when I'll hear from him to know that he's okay. It's very hard without him near. Every time I see a guy on a motorcycle, I think it's him. Every time I see a man in military uniform, I think it's him. News reports keep popping up about military forces being shot down or going missing. Every TV show I stumble upon, every movie I watch, has a Marine in there somewhere. Everything around me is reminding me that Jhonie is out there, and not here, and I don't know what's happening or if he's okay. I'm scared and I miss him. Please pray that I hear from him soon. Please pray that he and his unit are okay. Please pray that they all come home safe. Please pray that they complete their job swiftly and safely. And please pray that I, and the wives/girlfriends of the unit have the strength to get through these next 14 months without our men home with us. I love and miss Jhonie very much. It feels like it has already been an eternity, but it has only been less than a month since they left. Please pray for us.

Please pray for my continual spiritual growth. I am an infant Christian trying to change my life by being sober. I am looking for a change in my life through Christ. Pray for my growth in faith and direction.

I paid a handyman named C $500 in cash upfront to work on my yard. I then brought in my grandson to work with him. They didn't get along, so C stormed out of my house. I called him 7 times, but he has not returned the calls. My friends, who recommended me said he told them he was not going to return my money. I have no recourse now but to go to small claims court. Please pray for me as I go through this ordeal and pray for C to see the error of his ways and to return my money. Thank you. Melinda H

Please pray that my husband gets he job in the area that he just put in for. He wants to go on construction that is about four hours from here and he doesn't hear very well so that isn't safe and he also spends alot of money when he is away from home so all in all it jus isn't a good idea. He needs to be home were he belongs I know he needs a job but I don't need the debt!!! Thanks

My wife has been having an internal bleeding issue for the past three months and she is having an important medical procedure performed tomorrow morning. She should also be getting the results back from two prior tests. Please pray for complete healing for her and for great news, according to God’s will! Thanks! James

Pray that I will be able to figure out the next move on my career path. Pray that God will grant me the wisdom to know what to do next. Help me to be humble, to ask for his help and to listen. Thank you.

This is the 6th day of my diet and I am not doing well, Lord. Please help me. I love you and trust you. Mary

Thank You Lord Jesus Mother Mary for our wonderful friend Genelle and her prayer support to us, for my Mom's healing and me. Thank You for Genelle's great courage & sense of humor as her ribs are healing, especially left side, free free of pain, she's resting & sleeping well and stopping the medication soon, that she stay healthy w/ other conditions, heart strong, defibulator working well, body clear of all but healthy organisms, This we pray for all who need.

i need prayer today for my breathing and my body thank you