Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for the safety and security of Israel. Please include in the prayer that none of Israels land be taken away,divided or given to the Palastinians. It will not go well for any country, including the USA if this happens and that is a definite promise from God. Any country that divides Israel will be divided themselves.
Thank you.

Heavenly Father, Please draw our children into close fellowship with you. May they spend time each day praying prayers of praise to you, O God, prayers of thankfulness, prayers for others and for themselves. May they trust you to meet all their needs. May they claim the scripture so they know that if they pray according to your will, you hear us. May their hearts desire be closeness with you, following your will, living a holy life above all else. May they set their focus on the eternal, on you, not on the temporal. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Please pray for my son, Mitchell and for my estranged wife, Susan. Please pray for Marc, that he would get a job. Please pray for Mom, Dad, Mert, Mike, Lulu, David, Johnny, Toni, Mary, Rudy, Betsy, Russ, Kristi, Christian, Meghan Melony, Diana, Kathy, Kenny, Toni W, Craig, Marilee, Dave, Kelly, Shanon, Sue, Joyce, Maggie, Shari, Nancy, Claudia, Mike, Mark, Karen, Derek, Pam H., Pam D., Darla, Darla, Pat and Lynn, Mike and his daughter. Please pray for me, for my firm, for my financial condition and for God to grant me His grace, mercy, peace and forgiveness and that He would take me home now, for the sake of Jesus' sacrifice. Please pray in Jesus' name. Thanks and amen.

Please pray for my nephew Andre in prison in Florida. He has now been sentenced to 150 days in confinement for 3 DR's. Please pray that God will protect him and keep him safe. Also that God will touch his heart and he will repent of his sins and follow Jesus. That he will only doing the things that are right and pleasing to God. That his transfer request home will be granted. Thank you. God Bless

Please pray for my brother Hank to be healed of lung cancer/disease. Thnak you all. God Bless

Please continue prayer for G and C that they may find Jesus and a church together. They have been raised in christaian homes . help them to go back to each other with changed hearts. they were together 5 years and were engaged to be married. Please Jesus speak to their hearts , minds throughout the day and while they sleep. Jesus I pray too that the strongholds be released from their lives you know what they are . Pray that G will come to realize Billie (girl ) is not good for her. She is obsessed with G. she texts G minute to minute and is controling and consuming her every thought every waking hour. Please pray C will stop running around with people who have bad influence over him.Pray also C and G will admitt where they made mistakes and work to not repeat them . Put kindness and love and caring back into their hearts for one another. I DEMAND THE DEVIL AND HIS ADVOCATES MOVE FAR AWAY FROM THEIR LIVES. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

Please offer prayer for my mom Muriel to be healed of memory loss and heart valve disease. She needs a miracle from God to be healed. Thanks.

Thank you Lord for each and every blessing you give me each and every day. I pray this ordeal with my ex-employer is over with the next court date in October and that no further emotional or financial damage is done to my family or I. Dear Lord you know what is my heart and you know this was not an intentional harmful thing I did and you know I have learned so much from this mistake and I will never put my family in that jeopardy again nor make a terrible decision/mistake like that again. I beg you to place compassion in the hearts of the parties involved and that we are able to finally put all of this behind us. Please pray for my family's financial situation in that it gets better very soon. Please pray that no one or nobody comes between my father and husband ever again, as their relationship is so important to me. Please pray that my husband and I continue to repair our relationship. Please pray that my youngest son learns to behave nicely soon and calms down, as he seems to have a seeded anger. I pray for peace and happiness for all of those requesting prayer support on this site. Please pray for the B- family as they go through this time in their life. I love you Lord with all of my heart. Thank you for loving me and protecting me. In Jesus' precious Name I pray, Amen.

Lord, I pray for help for my son Alex A. business. He has started this business to pay off his college loans. Please help him to be successful and to recruit advisors and distributors under him. Thank you for your continued prayers for my son Alex -

Praying nonstop for months that God will soften my husband's heart & heal our marriage. Our 3 yr old son prays too. I cry everyday because my husband won't talk to me & is seeking a divorce/full custody because he said I wasn't around enough when I was caring for my elderly mom(who died right before he filed)& not giving the family 100%! So NOT true! He has been so angry & upset with me lately. Please pray for truth, justice & God's divine intervention because I'm heartbroken and want us whole!!