Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

all im going through ,with Johnny makes me feel a hate in my heart,im getting depressed pl. change him he say,he loves me than dont go looking at other woman all the time it makes me feel ugly

im really up-set at my bf seems hes looked at a family member in the wrong way an hes looked at 4 other women,since weve been together almost 2yrs,do i kick him to the curb or dose this have to keep on im,i not enough?

Dear God
please help me find a way to control my blood sugar help guide my children to help me out more at home and to stop fighting so much help guide TT back to her faith in God and help guide her and John Jr to stop fighting. Please help me financially pay off this one loan that is stopping me from getting my teachers license and guide me so I can get my teaching license.

Dear Lord,please bless and save Sherry.Bless her,her life,her work.Please send her a wonderful christian husband to love and care for her forever.Please save Bon,Kath,Bob and their families.Bless Roual,his work,his school work,his life.Bless T&C and HI,and all the employees.Bless my Gerry.I pray that Gerry,Chris,Henry,Russ,will break the yoke of foolishness from their lives, Bless KBNJ,all the employees,and that all their listeners give.In the most wonderful Name Jesus,our Lord,Amen

I have been praying for my husband James to find a job up here in carson city where my son and I have been here since June 2011 . do you think its because my husband is a non beleiver that it may take longer for God to help me in my prayers for him? Joann Please help me pray for him to find a job here in Nevada so we can be together as a family again God bless you all for your prayers.

My husband of 39 years has Alzheimers. He doesn't remember names or faces of course. He is in a Nursing Home. Sometimes he is ok and sometimes he is reallly out of it. I know nothing can be done except keep him happy, but sometimes it is very hard to see him this way. He doesn't understand why he is like he is and can't understand either why he can't leave his new home when he doesn't belong there. So we just walk and walk the halls while I try to calm him down and ease his mind. This terrible disease is hard on everyone in the family. Please pray that I can keep up my strength and mind to help him as he needs help. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend , Sharon. She has been diagnosed with cancer in her colon, stomach and liver. Please pray for healing for her and strength for her family. Her Daughter, Debbie, really needs prayer for strength and comfort.
I appreciate all of you at Guideposts so much. Thank you for always being there.

Please pray for my 3 little grandaughter's as their, just turned 30 yr old Mom passed away. Thank you. The girls are now 10, 9 and 3 yrs old. My daughter, Candace passed away 4/09/10. Thank you SO much!

My name is Ed. I'm a married man hoping to stop a divorce. My wife and I have been at odds off and on over the years. I believe we can be something more, better. She is feeling worn and wants quit of us. Pray for us please and our sons.

I am asking that you pray with me for Mary Ellen & her mom Mary. They will be going through a tough time as Mary is going to have to have her foot amputated. I am praying that the Lord Jesus sees them through this even though mary is losing her foot have the Lord touch the both of them where they need it the most and have Him guide the surgeons hand and make the operation a success. In Jesus name I pray amen. Thank you and God bless you!