Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

God, Thank You. Please may we honor You today. Help this country. I praise You.

Lord God Almighty, we acknowledge that You are our great Provider and Sustainer. The financial situation in this country is overwhelming for us, but from You comes all power to make wealth and to redeem us from our indebtedness. Deliver us from this crisis, Lord God. Comfort those in our nation who are hurting, and show them the unshakable foundation of Your Word. Reveal to us Your glory so that we will know You are God and from Your hand comes every good thing--including temporary things like the food we eat daily and eternal provision such as the salvation of our souls. Surely, Father, the person who trusts in You will never lack any good thing. Thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank you.

John F-, 27 years old, has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his spine, spleen and brain. This event is strictly an event of prayer to hold John and his wife Jess continuously before the Lord in faith believing for a miraculous touch of a mighty God to heal and restore the life the enemy seeks to destroy.

Dear Lord, please help me to be kind and friendly. Help me to do both jobs well, to type faster without mistakes. Help me to think before speaking and acting. Please let the work computer be fixed today without me taking it in to work.Work in my heart about R and N, if this is not your will, please seperate them or give me peace. Be with me on Sunday, calm my nerves, help me to have a good time. In Jesus Name, Amen

I like to ask you to keep my dear friend Laura in your prayers. She lost her husband and has two children. but right now she is on alcohol and suicidal to a high degree._x000d_
Please join me in a chain of prayer for her. She knows the Lord._x000d_

pray for a miracle for me tonight


LORD Watch over my friend In-Christ Manuel - and his family members, relatives_x000d_
Who lives in -, Chih? Mexico. Due to the city is over run with crime of killing that happen daily. The city people lives in fear always and afraid. Even to afraid to walk their own streets at night, not knowing who will be the next victim, that borders ELPaso, TX and Juarez, Chih. Mexico_x000d_
For Jesus Christ sake Amen_x000d_
Thank You Always_x000d_
Thank You Always Prayer Warriors and Intercessors_x000d_
Dear: LORD, helps my friend FRANK - AND FAMILY, who lives at---- AVE. Help him FRANK -. Helps him LORD. He needs a lot help and support, encouragement. That the - family. His in-laws would help him out too with a spirit of Jesus Christ Love and not be so condemning and critical spirit towards him about everything, even when he so different from them. LORD they blasphemy your good name when they mistreat him. Who say were servants of the LORD? But, They do like wise. Which can cause frank - to curse your good name blasphemy your good name. LORD Helps the M- family know the consequences for their actions against this soul and in how they speak to him and treat him._x000d_
Asking for JESUS CHRIST Sake: Amen_x000d_
Thank You ALWAYS Prayer Warriors!!!_x000d_
Helps LORD me Louie G- to there to be a balance in caring for my wife while she is pregnant and going to work. Help me LORD not lose my job at the Chile plant. Help me LORD to be there for her when the baby is born and help me LORD not to lose my job due to her pregnancy. She is in the last weeks of her pregnancy. Pray and ask you LORD, that we can get all the help we need. Help me LORD to keep my job at the Chile Plant and not lose it._x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake amen_x000d_
The G- family -Thank You Prayer Warriors and Intercessors “ALWAYS’_x000d_
Keith D- & Priscilla C-. G- - WV. Hope they doing fine in there fiancés and did not lose their home due to bankrupt’s Help them LORD get all the help they need to survive in their lives. That you LORD be working in there lives. LORD helps Keith and Priscilla to be saved in Christ and bring people across his path to here the good news of the Gospel clearly and God’s love for him._x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake Amen _x000d_
Thank You Prayer Warriors and Intercessors ALWAYS_x000d_
Help me LORD, Louie G- and teach me how to, learn how to deal with sinners so as to promote their conversion. That I may proclaim the Good News of Gospel. To them!_x000d_
To further your Kingdom and righteousness( Matthew 6:33)_x000d_
For Jesus Christ Sake: Amen_x000d_
Thank you Always prayer warriors_x000d_
Helps me LORD reach lost souls everyday. Let not that fire of the good news gospel go out in me, help me LORD to keep that fire alive. Everyday, every second, every minute and take advantage of opportunities that come to reach the lost souls. And in power me LORD by your Holt Spirit everyday._x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake AMEN_x000d_
Thank you Prayer Warriors and Intercessors _x000d_
Louie -

could you pray for my co-worker Thomas. He has been married for about 17 years and wants to have an affair with the only woman I work with. He said he would leave his wife if this woman would give him the O.K. of interest, which she hasn't. Could you pray that he sees the goodness in his wife and that God takes away his desire for this other woman? Thank you. Dina

I am in a deep depression. Pray that God will make it more manageable or even better cure me of it.