Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Death Sentence to Anindita - of United States primarily settled in Ohio, USA for selling information of US Airforce to India based organizations to get her US Citizenship by which the churches are possesed by organizations of Secular origins by which person from any religion can enter these places opening US to Human Trafficking ._x000d_
The sole responsibility goes to associates of Anindita- from Calcutta who disobeyed and broke a marriage blessed by the Blessed Mother and the Christian Community in favor of U.S.A.

Please pray for my Nephew, he works at ,A military officer. He has a very stressful job and really needs our prayers. Thanks, Katherine


pray for Karen- to return to god, she lives in , ND

Lord, please let L and I communicate. Please let him be receptive to me. Please let he and I come to an agreement about a situation. Amen.

I need a complete healing of a swallowing difficulty which came on about 2-3 months ago and feels like there is something in the back of my throat with further sticking and reflux issues that after being through mayos and still no help - I have all kinds of family community and saints interceeding for my miracle and yesterday a very holy young priest who prayed with us for over 2 hours including many deliverance prayers allowed for me to at least be able to get some nourishment down me since yesterday, I don't want to have to do any surgeries with no real guarantee of outcomes, esp. since I don't do well with most medications as well. I need the Maker/Creator of all to give me what only He knows is perfect healing. And just pray that any evil forces of fear leave my conscious and subconscious since this conditon seemed to be brought on with a very fearful trachea closure after some violent coughing after there was like an evil cold draft at 4am in June causing a drainage into the lungs; and so this whole syndrome has been more than I can take and Thank God for my Mom & Dad and Husband who have kept me alive and wanting to move forward. Praise God for further prayers from your prayer warriors as well. God Bless your heavenly efforts to see a healed world and after this life the Heavenly vision promised to us who are in Christ!

Please pray for my son Luis selfesteem his a wonderful boy but too shy. May God put a wonderful girl in his life. For my other son Eric temper and his relationship with his girlfriend and his two children. ANd pray for my other son Carlos to find a job. He is in another state and has not find a job jet. THank you so mucho and God bless

Please pray for us and guide my jobs bless our family. Lord be with David and his renovation. Be with Chuck may he get to see his kids._x000d_
Guide us in all things._x000d_
God BlessYou

My daughter Beth earned her second Masters Degree and is having a difficult time getting a job. Please pray for the right job for her. God's will be done. Thank you kindly._x000d_
from her Mom Liz

Best Match Blessed, Know Who I Am and Give Me Hints - God you are a Matchmaker. You know everyone and know who would be best for me. I ask you would bless that person's life, her time in the word and prayer, protect her and give her knowledge of who I am. May she pray for me too and give me hints. Set up an opportunity to talk, meet and progress as the Holy Spirit leads in Jesus name.