Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Dear Lord,
I pray that our Colleen do a great job teaching and her students will learn and grow to love her. I pray that her marriage be strong. I pray that Matt will get more involved with his son and help my daughter taking away her stress. I pray that Colleen and Matt will listen to You telling them what to do with their house, they will be out of debt, and they will live in a house and be happy in raising Garrett. I pray that Bank of America approve the short sale. I pray that You send my Kelly a man who will love her, marry her, and give her children. Please dear Lord, heal my Kelly both emotionally and physically. She is still ill from her trip to Peru. I pray that You protect my entire family. Give them happiness, peace, love, joy and patience. I pray that You heal my husband. I pray that You give us 20 more years of marriage and we will celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary. I pray that we will never be in debt again. I pray that we be able to pay our daughters’ student loans. I pray and vow I will fund a special education teacher at St. Tarcissus and set up a trust for my mentally retarded sister by letting me win money. I pray that I never be greedy again and always give to those in need. I pray that healing takes place between my husband and his two sisters. Please keep Garrett safe his entire life and let him grow up to be a wonderful man to serve the Lord in Jesus name. I pray for Jessica. Her baby is due in 1 month. Protect her newborn. I pray that You let me hear your words and do Your will. Guide me daily to do your will. In Jesus name. Amen

Heavenly Father PLease help my son in taking his state exam on Thursday, Oct.13th. Give him guidance and may his anxiety and stress be less, may he feel your presence and direct him in correct answers. In the name of Jesus Amen. Thank you Lord.

On October 17th it will be the third anniversary of my son's death. I miss him, yet believe that Evan is at peace. I on the other hand am not. This is the second child that God has wonderfully made, yet did not allow their maturity on this earth. I pray to understand God's will in this but somehow I feel like a poor mother to lose 2 beautiful children.

Please pray to and ask God to help us to please sell the house

Please pray for my health. Please pray for the return of our 2 granddaughters to their home or to family from DHS. Pray for DHS to realize what's really in the best interest of our granddaughters. Pray for healing in my marriage & in me. Pray for continued sobriety of our 2 daughters. Pray for financial relief for my husband & I. With my health I haven't been able to work so im not bringing in a paycheck. Pray for peace amongst our families. Pray for my moms health. Thank u all for ur time & dedication.

Heavenly Father,
Prayer for restored previous employment...or the employment your will has for me...with benefits..calm the tooth area have it be nothing serious, no insurance, please provide..I have done all I can the rest is with you...god bless.

Prayer for my son on all (impossible) thoughts going through his mind. I pray in the Holy Spirit AMen. Thanks

God I ask so much. Please protect Joan as she travels. I ask that the car be fixed today and the painting get done. I ask for guidance regarding my class...if I am to stop going, tell me today. I feel like I may fail. Please guide Steve to accomplish things. I ask for health, safety, love and financial help for us. I ask for You to guide us to our new home. Please bring a buyer for this house.

Please pray for my health needs; my anxiety is starting to not be as well controlled with medication, and, in turn, is starting to make my blood pressure rise. I'd really like to bring both under control with diet & exercise, and avoid more medication. Please pray for my guidance, strength, & health.

Heavenly Father I pray for Stan. He has an terrible attitude about GOD, or not any at all. I pray in the Holy spirit that you touch him LORD. THANK you LORD