Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

dear Lord, please be with me today & help me to do my very best, restore to my commission based paychk all that the locusts have stolen, let the changes coming to this co be in the best interest of the workers as well as the owners,for job protection, please pray for all & all co workers, please pray for sue , joanne, dealing with cancer, wilma with heart recovery, the world all world affairs, for world peace & peace in israel, help for japan, for all who have suffered loss in weather related incidents & those yet to come, that God will raise a mighty man of God to run this country, for all issues re our country at this time, I pray that we as a nation would humble ourselves seek Gods face turn from sin that God will hear from heaven, forgive our sin & heal our land. God is a Holy God , He can not & will not bless America with known & deliberate sin. I pray God to send a mighty rush of His Holy Spirit to cleanse us that He may again bless America with peace prosperity & protection, I pray for all needs posted here spoken & unspoken, for jen mom david chrissy jackie & jeff, I pray for a good day today & that God will restore my income in Jesus Holy Name amen

I am asking for prayer for Clint. He has suffered a major seizure for unknown reasons. He had never had one before. His wife was home at the time. Thank you, Jesus.

Please pray for my boss Mr. Samuel --, the company National Insurance Corporation has so many financial problems, pray for the Lord to give him wisdon, Knowledge and understanding on how to over come the financial problems. Thank you.

Dear Heavenly Father;_x000d_
Thank you for blessing us with this home that we are in and putting us in the position to do the same for another lovely family, by providing them with a safe, beautiful place to live and raise their children. So now we begin and go though the process of buying our first rental property, We have a budget that we cannot go over and that has to include everything, for we have to put 19,000.00 down, to cover the down payment, closing costs and finishing the Bonus room/4th bedroom, our 1st offer will be put in at 140,000.00. We trust your Will, GOD and are both walking in Faith and totally understand why we didn't get the first property we put an offer on, that you have something else better for us in mind, and we Thank You for Your Guidence and walking before us keeping us protected !_x000d_
We can't do this with out you, Lord._x000d_
We love you, Lord_x000d_
In Jesus name,_x000d_

Please pray for the soul of my oldest son .His name is Alan and he is so far from the Lord. _x000d_
Thanks you, Sharon

I have been a hospital chaplain for 9 years (heading the department) and was facing the assignment of laying off two of the team. But in a surprising move the administration fired me. I am now seeking new places of ministry (maybe as an interim pastor or in another hospital as chaplain). Prayers are much appreciated. Dale

Heavenly Father and all the angels and saints, I pray that you will remove all the obstacles in the way of things working out right for me. Please let this relationship between me and Jordan workout and let me find the happiness I am searching for. Please give me money from my accident and help me to be able to be a strong and independent woman who can support her children and pay my mortgage and my bills. Let this whole situation workout and let me keep my home, gain prosperity and find happiness with Jordan. Please answer my prayers. Amen

Please pray for healing of depression and exhaustion for me. I am 71 years old and own my own real estate business so that I am very busy. Enjoy my is a blessing. I am widowed and live in a mother/daughter home with my son and his family. Very difficult family interactions as my grandson has alchohol and drug problems. Family very disfunctional and it spills over to me. I take care of another grandson with diabetes and generally am the mainstay for both my sons and their families. I am active in my church and cherish my relationship with God. I am, however, so worn out. I went on medication for depression a couple of months ago but doesn't seem to be helping. In the past 6 months, a car crashed into the front of our home just a couple of feet from where I was sleeping, my grandson (diabetes) has had unexpained seizures, grandson at home has acted out at me (alchohol related) and I so pray that the Lord touches me with his peace so that I can continue to serve Him. I feel so lost and alone even though I know He is with me. I just can't feel His comfort now. Please pray for me. June

for the M kids who lost there mother on christmas eve to a massive heart attack.they are 17/14/11 and there father is horrible he is a very bad drug additict and they are living with there 70 yr old grandma it is such a shock and horrible for all there grandma lost her only . my daughter who is going for a job interview today at 2:00 this job is close to home and 12.00 an hour but i want the lord to give her the job that will make her the happiest,she has a lot going on she graduated college they cut her hrs at her part time min wage job,and her school loans are coming in and is at a cross road in her life in all son and husband and there husband has worked 65 hrs a week for 31.5 yrs and is burnt out.for the health of jayes mom.mrs E juanitas back andrea -- and all else who have asked that i may have forgot by name katies cousin in jesus name i ask and recieve the many blessings i have for me and mine

A job this month. Income coming in this month. Receiving financial help and receiving money owed this month. Guidance through a bankruptcy._x000d_
Thank you,_x000d_