Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

please pray for Mary - she doesn't know Christ and is having some health issues - 1. having just been diagnosed with Hep B and her liver is not responding well to the treatment in the hospital. Thank you - Jill

please, please pray for my son that my husband will allow him to com back home and stay with us so that he may have shelter. I do not want him homeless.

Thank you Lord Jesus for another sober morning, for with out it I would be dead. Lord bless my children and open there eyes to see that I care and love them and that they will stop judging me for my past sins. Please help me to find away to make ends meet . I have worked on this budget and I know somethings must go or I need to find some more income. The hurt and pain I have inside me is real and missing my Jillian and my friend Ivan is very hard on me. I am greatful for my neighbor Donna and her kindness. The devil had hisway with me and now I pay a price of being shuned by others. If I could find away to be with you Lord and my dog Jillian and all my pets I would come to you. My prayer is from the heart help me to find away to help others and be at peace with you lord Jesus, not this sinful world that needs to get on here knees and pray for forgiveness of allthe sins of mankind. Amen Amen Amen Peter -

Father God In The Name Of Jesus Christ. I Give You All Glory And Praise. I Thank-you Jesus. I thank-you Jesus for commanding that tumor to "stand still" and not hurt, harm or kill Talia. In the Name of Jesus I curse that Tumor and command it to wither, die and fall off and that no harm whatsover befalls Talia. Please bless her Lord and use her to get Your Praise. All these things I ask in Jesus' Name and His Precious Blood (Please Cover Talia with the Blood of Jesus) Amen.

Dear Prayer Warriors please pray for my daughter Allison, her job search of 6 months has been fruitless. I am worried about her as she sounds depressed, defeated and desperate. Please pray she is able to obtain a job so she can start feeling increased self esteem and not describe herself as a Loser. Thank you. Mom

As a result of kidney failure, my husband has been dialyzing for 8 years and has now stopped dialyzing trusting that God will heal him. The process is frightening. I am thoroughly unprepared for his death emotionally, spiritually and financially. I admire his effort to exercise his faith but think he is misguided about how God chooses to heal. This is a devestating journey. Desperately, we need a miracle. Please pray.

this has been my prayer for many yrs. that God will set in my daughters heart soften them they are adult very bitter toward the world,,I think it might be my fault.....I love Jesue and asked himfor help with, he is truly my savior. I know he has answer or will in time,,,please pray for me, to be able to cope with them

I have several major decissions to make and would like to get away for a few day to a quite place to seek God's wisdom . This is very important and involves more than me. Please pray that God will provide finances and a way for this. i work only 18 hrs a week and have little money to have this season alone with God Thank you for your prayers Dawn

Please pray for Collin and his new medicine. I pray that it will help with his problems and that he will be able to stay in school all day tomorrow. Please pray that he will get caught up with his make-up work. Thank you!!

Please pray for my brand new little nephew Atwood,he was born last week with neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia.He has gotten sicker each day.Please pray for his healing and his family.He needs to be raised up to GOD BY ALL OF US.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.