Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

hey im travis - please pray for
1. that i get that job at a- elastomers in - s.c. and they call me sometimes tomorrow and tell me that i got the job and when i do get on pray for me to be a great hard worker.
2. that ill finally pass my math exit exam next month on the 20th so i can get my high school diploma finally.
3. me to find a right woman of my dreams that love me accept me for who i am i really like a woman name gina and a woman name holly please pray for one of them will come into my life oneday and one of them finally calls me.

please help me pray for the lord to bless me with a home for me and my daughter aaand pray for my 5 year old daughter who misses her dad very much since the split

While caring for my daughter's 3 dogs,2 Pugs and 1 Boston Terrier, the Boston Terrier ran off and has not been found yet. My daughter will return in 4 days. Please pray w/me that God will help her to receive this bad news. I feel terrible because I know her love for these pets of hers. They are her family.

My husband's father is a minister - 73 years old and was just asked to resign his church. They are currently living with my husband, myself and my disabled son. They have limited income to help financially. My husband and I both work but he was out of a job for about 6 months last summer and we got drastically behind in all our bills. We are on the brink of losing our house - PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL BLESS US WITH THE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS as there are five of us depending on this. Thank you

Jeanne - Thanks for praying that I will work very well with all others in my workplace having a keen, quick, clear and alert mind and making choices pleasing unto Christ.

i thank you lord for all my blessings and i thank you lord that i recognize those blessings - but - i come to you with a heavy heart - i cannot lie - i've had a lousy time - my god, my god why have you forsaken me - diane/nj/usa

please pray for our son Grant who has an alcohol addiction and also at moment has a cast on his leg as he has a broken ankle with 2 pins and a plate in it he lives on his own is VERY lonely we live 50 miles from him he knows nobody to call on the social works keep promising him help but dont deliver. he was homeless until 2 weeks ago when he got this flat but he is not managing, i am sooo tired trying to help him but i know GOD wants me to let go and let GOD BUT Grant keeps thinking I can help,satan plays a good game and attempts to get me at every turn through Grant and I honestly dont know where I would be if it wasnt for people praying for me. Please pray that somebody can connect with Grant and that they can be company for him. Right now his other knee is VERY sore as he fell on it when he was unsteady and it is red and inflamed please pray that a doctor will be able to see him that the social works will be able to get a doctor out to see him and give him the medication he needs. Please also pray that Grant finds the peace of GOD and that the HOLY SPIRIT WILL pierce through the darkness.That Grant will come to the realization it is GOD who is the healer and that JESUS will never leave him or forsake him.Please also pray for me to let go of Grant and for Grant to let go of me to enable GOD to do HIS GREAT WORKS in us both this situation has gone on for YEARS 10 years acutely!! and many more where I have held onto Grant and he to me. I have asked GOD many many times to help me and to let Grant realize I cannot go on leading a double life, for him and myself as i feel exhausted. Nobody else in t6he wide circle of family we have seems to bother including his natural father, please pray for healing between himself and his father. I am sorry if this is a long prayer request, GOD bless whoever prays for us. Love Shelagh

Johnny an Carolyn bless us to know ,when we are to tie the knot/get married,an bless us in it an may we be a blessing to others our whole life for you Lord in your name Jesus Amen.May we know the time an day in your name Jesus.


Please pray for my son who has been looking for a job for two years. We live in -, Ohio. His name is Steve -. He is trained as a machinist and has approximately 12 years experience. Presently, he is going to - Community College for more training as a CNC machinist. He has about six months left. In the meantime, he needs to support himself. He has no income but what I can contribute as his mother which is a room and money for food. He does have a car and when I can I supply gas for him. Things are tough for him.