Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

my name is T.-_x000d_
im asking if you will pray for me im in bad need of a job i been praying and praying lord please help me i been out of work a year now i cant sleep my nerve is getting bad i believe and have faith but im getting weak with out you jesus im lost thank you in avance(T.-)

My mother fell in the assisted living facility again last night. She either refuses or forgets to push the help button. I need prayer for her and her finances to pay her care bills. In the name of Jesus Amen._x000d_

Please pray for my healing from fear, anxiety and depression, My name is John Please pray for me often, I need God's protection and His mighty angels to watch over me.

Heavenly Father,_x000d_
Please answer my prayers, provide your favor and cares are with you...god blesss...

Thank you lord for a wonderful Saturday. Help Megan to have a healthy baby. Help DP to get the best possible job. Help Tripp to be pain free Please bless NA to grow strong and be well and healthy. A prayer of thanksgiving for JA&EA new family and home – help them to have a wonderful, Christian life there. Help LA to get well and be happy. Help LG’s son to be healed completely with no problems. Help JG’s grandson to be healed completely. Help problems at work to e resolved. Help JA to keep his job and to be a successful and valued employee– this is a desperate need. Help ER’s cancer to be healed completely. Help my son and his wife to have a happy, Christian life together and it to be a life walked in the Lord’s way. Please pray for Jonah to get well and AB, ER, JT, CJ &B to be healed of cancer. Help my husband’s back and head to stop hurting and him to help our son. Help our son’s back to heal, to make a success of his job, \and have a happy marriage. Help him to have enough funds to pay all his bills– these are desperate, urgent needs. He is beginning to experience a call to church service – please pray he will find his way. Help my mother to enjoy every day and my mother in law to like her home. Help both our mothers to enjoy great health for many years to come. Help S,S, &L to be healed of ms and Sarah to be healed of lupus. Help EH’s baby’s heart to heal without surgery. Help EA to keep the k job. Help JB,MH and JA to be successful at the new jobs. Help me to keep my job. Thank God for our blessings and you for your prayers. May the Lord hear everyone's needs today._x0016_

please pray for me and my unborn my 14year old daughter and my older kids' that went astray that i can find an big enough home for me and mines that i can also save money for bad times as well . i needs health,wealth and most of all God in my or our lives amen. MS.ROBIN -_x000d_

Please pray for our financial future. I pray that we can rebuild our savings for the future. I also pray for that we would both stay employed in our jobs and make wise financial decisions.

I have a friend, Mary -, Is fighting a down hill battle with breast cancer. she is on her way to Texas, hoping there will be help for her their. _x000d_
She needs a miracle, and only God can step in. Thank you for prayers lifting Mary's illness to our Heavenly Father.

1. We are staying in -. From last 1 Year I m facing a lot of problem and turbulence in my life, suffering from ill health, fear , anxiety and no peace of mind. I m having my visa renewal in the month of September – October 2011 and I m having fear that may be I may loose the visa because of some reason (Ill health) and something bad is going to happen with me. Kindly requesting to all of you to pray for me and my family to come out from the fear, anxiety and ill health. (Gautam -

Please pray I may pay my bills and put some money in savings. Please pray for a financial miracle.