Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

My name is Linda - and I need help for my family to not be mad at me anymore. I need help from the Lord with that and to help me stop making stupid mistakes. I ask for forgiveness for I really do not believe I can take anymore pain. Thank-you for your prayer.

thanks all you pastors and prayer warriors keep me in prayer that i would be strong and fast tonight pray that the email that kelly -- sent me is true and the LORD will open many doors for the harvest pray that the HOLY SPIRIT grows abuntly in me and pours out abundtly pray for me to be what the LORD JESUS CHRIST wants me to no more lustfull thinking just love and respect pray for ashley to be loving and careing tonight and helps a real lot pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to pour out on w- store - for love and respect for all associates and customers and store pray for me to get some sweet sound sleep to day pray for rain out here in arizona for putting out firers and filling up the water storage pray for me to be in the LORDS favor and find a wife or have found a wife in cindy have cindy call mem if she could be pray for scott to get more jobs to keep him busy pray for chris to get working and lolo and ortho pray for janet david - she is sufferring from lung cancer pray for the gas prices to go down pray for this lady who cuts my hair to get real busy whith customers pray for more jobs all over the world pray for my family pray for sister della and family pray for prayer to be put back in the school system pray for GODS name to remain every where and not be moved pray for it to be quiet around this apartmen let my sleep have some respect pray for randy at work pray for all misionarys and out reaches pray that i would have a food minnistrie and a woman and men minnistrie too and run it the way the LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST wants it runed pray that i would receave the debit card kelly jewel told me about IN JESUS NAME AMEN GOD BLESS

Please pray in agreement that Luke and I will communicate about this situation. Please pray that God will soften his heart and change his mind about this situation. Please pray that he is not involved with anyone else and that there are no other distractions that will hinder us moving forward with this situation. Please pray that we will reach a positive agreement about this situation quickly

Pray that Mary and William can share a life together-in faith-with kindness-joy-love.

My Lord, please welcome Matia in Your heavenly kingdom. Take care of her children. Console and encourage her husband, relatives, and friends to trust You fully and rely daily on Your love, guidance, and care. Grant them hope, inner peace, patience, and strength. I ask my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray for my friend Sylvia. That she would continue to grow in the Lord. To find a small womans group to have good fellowship with. For the Lord to remove the people, who would cause her to stumble in her walk with the Lord. Please ask our Father to continue to use me to encorage her in any way I can. Thank You for keeping Sylvia in your Prayers.

That the Lord may help me to keep my current job, that He may help to be able to understand everything in my work and that He may guide me do do all the reports correctly and accurately. Everything is new to me, like the software, so I am asking for prayers so that I will be able to adjust to my new work and do all my reports correctly. Thank you so much...ASDR

Please pray for Joe .He has cancer.

Pray that C- United Church continues to grow and find the finances to keep their doors hope, Amen