Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

i desire to find my real mama nonita - please help me to pray that i will find her some days..

Hello, first I want to praise God for Your "His" Ministry. I hav e experienced the power of prayer in the prayer life With God. I had grown stronger or say when I prayed for others the prayer could be answered when I would pray for some one or some situation the prayer was answered very quickly. I give The Lord all the Glory because I depended on Him.I had 2 growth spurts regarding my prayers.If that makes scence...Each "breaking new ground" happened in the most difficult times of my life.I held on and pressed thru to a stronger prayer life and a more intimate relation with God.I was not going to stop pursing until He blessed me.I knew I needed no matter how long the struggle I was not stopping. And I knew my need. After some days of this unrelenting process not sure of the outcome and what the result was going to be. I gave or put my faith all in Him( I felt that I must surrender this to so it would be HIs purpose for me,not mine. Well, I was awakened from my sleep and something had changed in me and around me.I had a thought in my mind and it was about something that had happened in my life and it was over!What I am asking prayer for is restoring my walk,life,and who I became from my "journey" and intimacy also the strenght in Him. a very peculiar way of hurting me had happened.A few of my friends over simplified what effort and cost to who I became.And only said "pray about it"as if I haven't been and that what spiritual Gifts The Lord had given them weren't to be put to use and Let God handle it. He had already prompted 2 devout and respected persons because of the intimacy that was in their that was all they offered which was effected.I could not understand by the lack of wisdom or realization that this was more serious to sustain me to get thru this. I had honestly questioned if they read the Bible. was saddened that thay didn't listen to me knowing my intimate life with Him. I was grieved that they knew more about living in HIs ways.and the effort was almost like I hadn't gone thru spirtual adalesence a very very long time ago.Which he Lord gifted me with discerment and was actually the other way around. Because it would become apparent this required some one who knew Him and was experienced and would realize it was alot more serious.which required action. I knew what to do.I needed a few people was all.I haven't shared this before. I'm believing God that the patiants needed to read and take in what I have said. God Bless You in a very special way,Bud

please pray for my husband's job for promotion and increase in wages,thank you for your prayers and God bless you all for praying.T

My family needs prayer for salvation, addictions, and childrens behavior. Just discord in lives that is affecting everyone!!!!Please pray for the Lord to take control of all of us.

Plz Pray for Me to Jesus that all My Financial Problems should be solved as i am Crying Every second bcoz of that. I hav Trusted & helped wen someone need Financialy but i just got tears in return as the Person cheated Me. I am suffering a lot withot My Mistake. i evn lost My Health with Mental tensions.
I Need Urgent Prayer for Me & for My Family.

please pray for my healing, my tooth broke while getting pulled and the roots had to be dug out. pray no infection and fast healing. pray salvation for loved ones and zach gets good job with christian peers who will help him in his walk with Lord. pray Lord heals and enables me to work and bring me good job as we struggle like so many, im thankful my husband has work but we need more to make ends meet. savings is small and dwindling. pray for husbands health and job to keep going and healing of allergies, asthma, and heart. thanks much God bless

I need a financial miracle. God knows my need. I pray he will cause Dick to do right by me financially without me demanding it. I pray he will heal the physical problems of Dick, myself, Cindy, Mark, Brian, & Alena. I need restoration of the relationship we had with God for Dick & I, and salvation for Brian.

I must pray for help everyday. Surgeries/Cancer are back-I pray that the Lord Bless me.I need the help of all of my doctors,Hospitals,Friends(which do not seem to help or care) to help intercede to fight this Evil/Let me lIVE.My issues/problems remain with extremely bad,disease.lord reach into each evil cell in my body and make go it away do not not Evil has take control.Please help me keep my Medicare/disabilty,and Insurance.Jesus help me cleanse my body & soul of all evil,disease,all problems.Evil still plagues me everyday,Jesus make it be gone,let my prayers,All be answered. I have repented my sins and pray for salvation thru Jesus. I seek the help from Jesus to have all those involved have their eyes, mind, hearts open thru our Lord to help me get better. Thanks to all those who might say a prayer for me to help,Jesus is by my side and in my heart.and to have solutions soon.May the Lord provide the path to me/everyone to make this
true.Lord help me fight and kill the Cancer.Please help me Jesus to keep my mind clear with insight and good decisions,get my Health and finance stable thru this,to continue my fight.May Jesus keep my mind and spirit sharp to see the truth in all matters of my life.May my strength and focus of the mind be the best,May my faith in Jesus never waiver,Lord Bless my Path with No Problems/Issues/Evil daily,No-Cancer.Thru Jesus,all disease be gone forever.Bless my Path. Thru Jesus,let it be for me to live a normal life and please let the Lord Stop all Evil&evil people,let goodness come my way,no evil.Grant me Clear Mind and Thought, and a Blessing from the Lord for His stop all Evil and may all help me. Lord hear my Prayer.

Praise Jesus that He knows all of my needs. Please pray with me for healing and to find work that will fulfill His purpose for my life. Almighty God, I thank Your for Your guidance and love.

Please pray for my children's marriages. God knows their strengths and shortcomings, and He is sufficient to meet all of their needs. Praise God for His steadfast love. May He bless all of my children and grandchildren, so that they may they all become blessings as well. Amen.