Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Katherine...may she enjoy the friendship she desires

A few weeks ago, some heartless person dumped a feral mom cat and 5 older kittens on my property during one of the last big storms of the hurricane that passed through PA. People know I have rescued stray animals for years, so it's no secret why they picked my place. The main problem is, one of these lil ones ended up at my neighbor's house. He and his wife are only in their late 50s and already retired and have MUCH time on their hands, but still they decided to call me to take this one. I told them that I could not personally keep another cat, but the wife insisted that I come to see it. Her husband then went on about shooting it if it stayed there. Long story short, I took the poor lil soul but also told them in no uncertain terms that I was tired of mopping up after people. Suffice to say, they are now not speaking to me. I now have caught 2 of the others and all are going to the vet today. Their medical bills and the responsibility of finding them good homes falls to me. I go into this long story basically because I'm at a point in my life where I need a break. In addition to caring for animals, I have a full-time job, take my aging mother to numerous appointments (and deal with her difficult personality), and take care of a 1.5 acre property. Usually I can handle these things, but this haughtiness on the part of the neighbor is one more thing to make me feel just plain tired and in need of some bright spot in my life. It would be good to know that someone is out there praying for me so that I receive whatever grace I need to handle what comes my way. Thank you. Judy

my nephew keith is having a rough time of it. he is in jail right now and cannot seem to move forward from the loss of his older brother kyle and his cousin barrett. his dad seems tired and old and seems to me has given up on keith. i cannot tell you how many times he has been in jail but he doesn't wont to get better i think or thinks what is the use. i sometimes feel that way as barrett is my son and it seems i have nothing to leave for or what is my purpose here. please pray for us that the devil will leave our family along. fondly diane -

Hi, may husband's name is Murray and he is very concerned about his upcoming eye surgery in November - he is only 67 years old and has cataracts in both eyes that requires surgery. Please pray for a successful outcome and that his eyesight would be fully restored according to God's will. Thank you and God bless you for praying. Elly

Please guide and protect my family.Please Pray that they ave good health and be prosper so they may provide for themselves and their families.
Thank You DEAR JESUS for ll you have given us.

Heavenly Father,
Prayer, mercy, and favor for restored employment..please open the doors for me so that I can provide shelter and food... god bless..

Please pray for God's hand on Chrisie and Kevin's marriage. They need better communication and to put all outside distractions aside for the sake of their two children and their marriage. May God intercede to save this family.

Please help me to pray for my mother-in-law,they found out she had cancer,please pray for healing.also help me to pray for myself,i recently had heart surgery,im haveing some weird feeling inmy neck,they say its normal after surgery.It just doesnt feel right to me.Please pray that my mom-in-laws kids get along with each other,and go help and see my mom. Please pray for our family and friends.thank you Linda -

Pray that my wifes health be restored

Please pray that God will completely heal me and I will really recover from my very rough childhood. Julie