Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please help me to be kind and friendly. Help me to do well with both jobs. Help me to think before speaking or taking any action. Help me to remember all of the rules and guidelines. Help me to prepare for tonight.Please let me find a church home. Show me how to help mom. In Jesus Name, Amen

Lord helps my friend Brenda who works at A- Recovery of - thrifty store.LORD helps my friend Brenda to be saved. In Jesus, Christ. Wherever it might take to get her saved. for Spiritual Awakening in her life. Thank you_x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake Amen_x000d_
Thank You Prayer Warriors and Intercessors_x000d_
From the G- Family_x000d_
Lord helps my wife heal well from her broken right arm no fault of her own._x000d_
Help me LORD only be able to work nights. Cause, She needs my help daily. Because she pregnant and in the last weeks of her pregnancy. And cause of her broken right arm no fault of her own. She has limitations how she does things. She needs my help and we have no other help at all._x000d_
I am an older work. Help me LORD to find work that is from 5pm to 10pm. _x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake amen_x000d_
Thank you prayer warriors and intercessors_x000d_
From Louie - and fam_x000d_
Lord helps my niece Darlene - who recently had her baby. At the time of birth the unbiblical cord got caught around her neck. Were hoping there was no brain damage to her. At the moment she is in I.C.U. at - Memorial Hospital. In- , Texas. Were praying hoping, believing for her full recovery to be good and in good health. Were PRAYING for baby” Ariel” full recovery and believing the Living God for the miracle. That brings HIM HONOR and GLORY forever and ever Amen._x000d_
Asking for Jesus Christ sake Amen._x000d_
Thank You Prayer Warriors and Intercessors_x000d_
From the - family

Please assist me in your prayers about my little baby he is got heart problem needs healing & deliverance and help me pray for my familly that God will meet our needs

Please pray for my husband to have work this week. Right now he is out of work and is the sole support of our family of five. Thank you

Please pray for my friend, Sheila, to be delivered from the chains of her past and to see all that God is willing to do for, with and through her in her present and future._x000d_
Thank you and may God multiply His blessings back to you for your willingness to intercede for others.

Please pray for my son and daughter; that they may be released from health issues and go forward in life with gratitude. Please pray for my godchild that she finds sobriety.

My wife and i have recently seperated, please help me pray God will help us find our way back into each others hearts and lives and restore our family. Please pray new life over our marriage._x000d_

please agree in prayer with me for health and healing for all sick and afflicted members of Fellowship of P-Ministries -,Fla iam asking The LORD to visit our church family according to Luke 19:9-10 iam praying GOD`s saving,healing,delivering power invades each and every house of F.O.P.Ministries members,partners,and friends in JESUS NAME I ASK THIS AMEN...THANKS AND JAH BLESS.

Ty = son - Taking a very important test Friday. Please pray for him to get 700 plus score on the GMAT. Thanks and God bless!

1. Please pray so that God can let me see his vision according to his will._x000d_
2. To lead me with holy power with his will as a director of prayer at my church. _x000d_
3. Pray so that he may open doors in sales and sales reps to my business so that I can spend more time doing his will._x000d_
4. To also help me finish seminary bible school._x000d_
5. To use me in a mighty way on the pulpit at church when its time to pray for the church_x000d_
6. Help me pray for my lovely son christian and my dear wife Carmen, they need to be more spiritual minnded as walking in the spirit. and to depart from television and things of this world that is against Gods obedience. _x000d_
Blessings Albert