Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

My name is Emperor Son-of-Love. Today I have court at 9 am for a felony and i need prayer for to be delivered and dont have no more troubles with the law. To be granted my freedom is a must, and to be able to help others in life to do right.

Please pray for my precious 50 year old son, Kirk. He has an infection called Necrotizing Fasciitis that he got from a boil that was lanced in the hospital. They have operated on him at least 14 times and they think that they have gotten all that infection out of his body but now we need your prayers for his skin grafts that are not taking to good because he has diabetes. That is why he got the boil in the first place. Please pray that the skik grafts will take and that he will continue to have strength to get thru this. The doctors have said that he will probably be in the hospital for at least 2 months so your prayers will be needed for a while. Praying, praising and thanking each of you for your prayers and especially the Lord who has gotten him thru this so far and the Lord will continue to put His healing hand on my precious son, Kirk now and from now on.

I am out of work and have been now for quite a few months. I have grandbabies who were born at 24 weeks...and twins at that....Praise be to God they are perfect in every way and at home....But the pressures, the worries, the heartache....(you see I am a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, so I knew all that could go wrong, yet I had to be stoic for everyone....and I was) now I am depleted, depressed, alone....and afraid I might never be able to practice again....My relationship with a man I am dating is uncertain....I am just a MESS....I need help...I really do...Please pray!

I have fell into a rut. I go to work, excel, go to school at night, excel...get home and have no energy to do all I need to do. I even dread opening up my computer to continue my school drained. I know part of it is the weight I've put on, and the other is I have no social life, through fault of my own. I feel I'm just living to exist. I also started smoking again, which I hate, and I feel nervous at times. I am a strong believer in our LORD. I have always been but recently I cut off relationships with a cousin and a friend because they have had major challenges and struggles in life and now they have given their life to Christ, which I am all for BUT they judge, and they judge harshly! I find it annoying and I want to be in their life, but not at the cost of their judging which can be hurtful at times. I feel I don't live up to their standards. What? This coming from two women who've done things beyond my imagination! I'm a pretty good person. I always try to help others however I can, am there for both my parents and my son and his girlfriend. I open my home to everyone. I also think I am back in love with an old boyfriend, who happens to be in a very unhappy marriage. We have not crossed any physical lines and have insisted we won't. I don't know why he even came back in my life to this extent. I invited his friendship, but now we spend lots of time being there for each other in a very platonic capacity. I just hate he is so unhappy and I hate how the mood of my day depends on our communication. So, this is what my life has dwindled down to and I know GOD did not have this in mind for me; feeling like I am only existing and not living life to the fullest. I want to find myself again, get back in shape and thrive!

For my daughter's (Emmy ) healing from stomach infection.
Lilian , , Kenya

Today I received a warm and caring email from someone who read my prayer request regarding my health. I cannot thank this person enough for taking the time to do this for me. Now I have another request, forgive me please, but since my husband passed away I am struggling financially. I pray that God will lead me through this financial dilemma and show me the path to lift this burden. Please help me pray for financial security and stability. Thank you.

Please pray for my daughter with eye problems. Thanks!

Please pray for my families finances. Our daughter is so far behind she is working 3 jobs and still can't see light. Our son was in the hospital in Jan and has struggled ever since to pay his bills. We are so far behind that we can't keep up with our own bills. So there is no way we can help our children anymore. In His Name, Rena E.

I need a job. I have place a lot of applications with no response. I need a good paying job with benefits. I also need prayer that my transportation will hold up until I can get a new vehicle. I'm trusting that GOD will answer my request.

please pray for me that my fast heartbeat gets back to normal and that I don't carry all this stress with me. Please pray that I can be calm.
Thank you Andrea