Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

the lord showed me a picture of a beautiful women back in May 2011 and showed me a ring on my finger and said "soon". A month later I said lord can you give me a date? and he said "very soon". Last friday night he showed me the picture of the women again, so I am wondering when am I going to meet this lady, my wife, where do I find her? Asking for the grace of God to bring this woman to me I am waiting..............

Please pray for my family and friends that those who need Jesus in their lives will seek Him soon. Pray also for all those who have no one else to pray for them and for the children who need someone in their lives who will love and care about them. Pray for those who are running out of hope that it will be better soon. Pray for this country and for our leaders that they will have the wisdom to do what is best for all of us and the country. Thank you in Jesus name Amen Margo

Please I'm asking God to please help my husband Brian to hear God speaking to him . To help Brian except God into his life. I love my husband Brian with all my heart. He has walked out on me and our two children.
Please help him to realize tha he has made the biggest mistake of his life. Please I'm praying that God will stop this divorce that Brian wants to take place. Help Brian and I to fall in love all over again. Please remove the curse that satan has on Brian. Please I have the faith in God that my prayers will be answered.

I pray for another child to come into our lives. I just pray that God would open the door for us. In his name. I just pray that God will show us if this is to happen where to turn. In His name I pray.........Amen

I have lost some items and really need to find them. I pray that God will open my eyes to where the items have gone. In his name I pray............Amen

Lord, continue to strenghten me in the word. Help me know that you are God of all that is good. Lord, lead me this coming week at my job that I will shine in all my duties. Continue to bless me with strength, and help me know when times get tough you will see me through it. For I ask in Jesus name. Amen

I just got paid. After not having in income for a few months, I fell behind significantly on my bills. I so looked forward to this pay day to arrive, but I feel down because it is not enough to cover enough of my bills. I'm thankful for what I do have, do not get me wrong. But this reality of falling further in debt, constantly receiving rejection letters from places I have applied, and having bill collectors ring the phone off the hook daily is draining and very discouraging. After getting one "breakthrough" that uplifted my spirits, I still face significant discouragement. I'm still fighting fear. I'm so tired of being spiritually lifted and optimistic one day and dejected another. I need continued prayer to help me continue this fight. I am doing all I can in my power while believing God to do His thing. It's just so hard... Please pray for me.

Pls pray for Ruth re course starting Monday October 3rd – for three weeks that she will enjoy it, excel at it, absorb all information particularly re computers/that she will not have fear of disaster/that her hormones – currently very unstable will be healed/that she will be totally healed off hurts from past-mother’s suicide/dad’s sexual molestation/that she will focus on good stuff in her life-intelligent, good health, wisdom, faith, great friends, stable home&also for stable, kind,respectful male friends&to enjoy their company&not take things too seriously or envisage disaster-huge worry re deep relationship with men due to damage from sexual abuse-fear men will not like if see any flaws/or they may try to hurt her sexually-Ruth now realizing that she can set boundaries&lots of good people around&lots of people have ‘issues too’ and that she is not silly to have issues but would like to be healed&walk freely from them as the Lord can do for her/Please pray for Alice’s knees for total healing from arthritis/for Ruth&Margaret to be free in each other’s company/for Ruth to totally forgive Margaret-she feels Margaret didn’t appreciate her friendship/for Margaret&Trevor(married couple)to be made whole again&for their finances to flourish/for Warren for protection&salvation/for Sam K to be healed of grief-her cat died/for Sarah to get a new job very quickly(has just been retrenched in London),for Joan for blessings abundant in all areas and protection for good health and all round wellbeing

This is prayer request for my hairdressers mom, her name is
Maria -, and she lives in Portugal. She has been very ill for a while now but it has been managed. But, yesterday, she could not get out of the bed, she had her feet and lower legs all swollen up with water that casing her much pain. She is waiting to see if the drugs are at fault. I pray that the Lord, will hear my prayers for her and your prayers, for the restorations of her health, her husband is blind, and he needs her so much. Thank you for your generosity of the spirit.