Pray for Others

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Pray for my health and husband's health and my bladder infection to go away. Pray for me to lose weight. Pray for my marriage and finances and son's finances. Pray for my stomach to settle down. Pray for my daughter in law Lizzie she's going to sell her paintings next week. Pray for her to be successful.

Pray for my health and husband's

Please pray that my dizziness goes away. Good dr appointment

Please pray Sarah -, NV will give her father $200 for this week (June 4, 2020) and $160 from last week towards her monthly bills. Pray she will understand she only gave $40, not $60, towards last week's payment; pray she will budget her money wisely and prevent Anthony from spending frivolously.

I pray that my boyfriend does well at interview tomorrow it’s been hard these past 3 months he got laid off in March bills are piling up I’m not getting 40 hours please need prayers

Pray my stomach settle down. We have to go to the library Pray there are no protesters out. Pray for my health and husband's health. Pray for me not to have another bladder infection. Pray for my marriage and finances and son's finances.

Please pray Sarah- and Anthony - of - NV will not gamble Sarah's savings and paycheck (the casinos re-open June 4, 2020) ; she needs to budget her money to pay her bills and debts. She needs to continue to give her father money weekly for her bills; she needs to repay him money loaned.

I pray that you give K the strength peace and grace needed to deal with a husband who has mental illness. God I pray you provide an abundance of strength and peace for K. I pray that you shower her with signs of your love throughout the day. She carries a lot on her plate. She is quickly getting bored with her kids being stuck inside. Prayers for creative ideas to do while we are social distancing.prayers for positive attitudes and grace.Prayers for encouragement, faith, safety and strength to make it one day at a time. Prayers that her husband would show more love towards her with words and actions.Prayers that she can give her frustrations to God and not wear them on her shoulders and pull the kids into it. I also pray that she would extend grace and patience.I pray that her pastor and others from the church will reach out to her and she will connect with people and make friends. She is struggling now that her job has stopped. Prayers that you will provide for her. Help her to TRUST again & allow healing

Please join me in praying for T. We are seeking a miracle. He suffers with being bipolar. the whole social distancing has become discouraging to him. His vacation with his wife has been canceled due to the COVID 19. When he is depressed he wants to buy things to make him feel better. However, his impulsive decisions create a stress on his marriage. Please pray that God would provide a breakthrough with his depression, meds, attitude, self centeredness and healing. God I pray that his anxiety would lessen and he could trust you more. I pray that he could get his anger and irritability under control. Please provide strength and grace to my parents, his wife and kids they tend to be on the receiving end of his irritability.God help him to show J, T, M and AJ love and kindness. God I pray a shield around them as he is worried he might fly off the handle. Please God I pray you intervene in Tims life and change his heart..bring calmness, STABILITY and healing. God provided T with a steady/stable job, but due to his anxiety he quit..Help him find the right job quickly for him and provide him

God I pray for t and k’s marriage. His mental illness (Depression/anxiety) creates stressors. When his anxiety gets bad it’s hard for him to work and he quit his job. Prayers he will find a job quickly. God I pray that you will soften his heart and help him apply what he reads in the Bible to his life. Prayers that his wife will see improvement...she is discouraged and ready to give up