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Please pray for our family
Dana and Michael healthy pregnancy and healthy baby
Ashley, Channa, Cary healthy babies
Madeline Breast Cancer, Kristine Colon Cancer
Guidance for a Debi, Daniel, David, Dana, Krystal, Michael, Owen, Emmalyn
Healthy babies that sleep well Ethan, Silvie, Ava, Emily, Austin, Robert, Lawrence
God bless you

Prayers for a dear friend who just had surgery Tuesday for connective tissue sarcoma. She is a breast cancer survivor, an awesome nurse that helps victims of rape or abuse, has 3 wonderful sons, an amazing friend and Christian. Her surgery was brutal, they removed 2 ribs, half of her sternum and put titanium mesh over her left chest wall. The pain meds are making her blood pressure low and nauseous so they have cut back on them, she is unable to eat or sleep. Please pray for pain relief and peace for her and her family. She will have a long recovery but does so much good for so many people.

Please pray for Bill our IT guy. He has to have his knee replacement surgery done again on Friday 6/21 at 5:00 pm. due to an infection. He almost died on Tuesday due to the infection. He is active in the Boy scouts and became in Eagle Scout. He is a good guy! Please ask God to watch over him during his surgery and may he make a full recovery without any more problems. Thank you.