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Your prayer concerns are important to OurPrayer Community, a network of faith connecting, praying for and uplifting one another. When you submit a prayer request, it will be posted on our Pray for Others page where you will receive prayer and encouragement from our community.

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Please continue to lift up Sylvia as she heals from open heart surgery. Lift up her husband Mike to be more supportive. Bind Satan from him.
Lift up the healing of Allison from esophagus surgery. Lift up Jeff who us out of work and needs a job. Also heal him. Go before Alicia his wife give her strength.
Lift up our daughter Mylea and boyfriend Scott go before them cover them in the blood if Christ. Lift up career direction for Scott. Go before Mylea's residency for perio if that is your will. Lift up getting married and not living together. Go before getting married in the church with open hearts for counseling by priest. Go before Scott's parents Adrienne and Kevin to encourage marriage. May they be able to help financially. Go before our visit with them at Thanksgiving.

My daughter Nicole goes in for knee surgery Monday . Plz pray for good outcome and God will give her speedy recovery

I am asking for prayer, I am fighting a aggressive breast cancer and asking for prayer for strength and healing.