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Please pray for me (Mark).

My husband, 73 yrs. old, was retired but had to return to work due to the high cost of living in this area. We both get Soc. Security checks but it's not enough to live on. This new job is an answer to prayer, but my husband is old, forgetful and frankly a bit frail. On a positive note he has a very good attitude and is a dedicated hard worker! Pray he'll learn all he needs to, stay strong and stay well. He works in the Deli of a grocery store and the other day everyone in the Deli got sick. Everyone - including my husband - went home mid-shift. The Manager had to call in a person to fill in. Ron had next 2 days off, already scheduled that way, but has to go to work tomorrow. Please pray he'll do well. He just finished 90 days; afraid of getting in trouble for leaving mid-shift. They fired another person for that. Pray for favor of God over my husband Ron. Thanks.

Please pray for us so we can overcome our financial debts and also we are on the verge of losing our houses because we were not able to pay the monthly amortization and are now foreclosed... I pray that God will help us with our debts and wished that we will one day have our own house. In Jesus' name. Amen.