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Please pray for Tisha needs a job, lost job last september 2017, unable to find another one.:: Lord Jesus please break ,remove the walls,the close doors, and open a Job for Tisha in her field, Lord grant her favor with her resume, and the people that call or interview her. Lord let her be first not second, the head not the tail, with a well establish,stable company , where she will be value and well respected. with great salary and benefits. Lord please, encourage her today to hear from this companies that she has a Job. Lord she is your child, and you said in your word, you delight in your daughter Tisha. thank you Lord Jesus for this Job. In Jesus name Amen,

Been going through a very trying time of having very little money to pay the bills, enjoy life, and give back to the God. Living paycheck to paycheck and the stress is unbarring.

For peace and tranquility in all that we do.. For God's presence revealed. Also for God's opened door for the Plan He's revealed to be carried out and put to success.

Successful cure of Steve's cancer and guidance for the doctors as they perform surgery.