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Your prayer concerns are important to us and that's why each and every prayer request we receive is prayed for by a trained volunteer by name and by need. Rest assured, our prayer support is confidential, free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read the OurPrayer Promise

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Pray for Others

Lord we continue to pray for employment for Sara and Rody in the medical field. We pray for a placement for Rody that includes a visa We pray that the. Nicu. unit holds the job for Sara while they sort out the visa problems. Lord we leave the employment for Gilbert in your hands , I am not sure what to pray for him. I believes he needs a job for his self esteem, but not sure if it should've self employed, or for a job locally or on site work. Lord you know his skills, Lord help me to leave his employment issues in your hands. You know what is best for the family dynamics.
Your will not mine be done.

Urgent prayer request God knows

Please pray my judge becomes aware of my fears of a perpetrator who beat and raped me. I pray for relief through a restraining order. I trust God and know he is my protector. Soften my perpetrator s heart and help him put his eyes on Jesus. I pray he stops making me his God. God bless you!