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Please thank our Lord Jesus & Father God. Please pray God will protect me and my family (me, baby, and husband) from bad luck, bad incidents, bad situations, danger and bad people of any kind. Please pray God guides me & my family and to keep us healthy, happy, loving, safe and financially blessed. Pray God helps me
Protect myself because I sometimes make bad decisions or mistakes. I was recently scammed and lost $2250 for selling my wedding dress, then I accidentally hurt my tailbone, then today over a parking spot that I had my blinkers on for and took; this guy waited for about 5 minutes for me to get out to threaten to key my car while having my baby with me. He seemed to follow us in the - Store. I also had bad dreams. Please help in good faith, thank you. Please help stop these attacks.

A publishing company asked me to sign a contract with them, & I'm trying to make sure my book is right before I send it again. Please pray that this will be a good, profitable experience, & that people will be saved because of it, since the Christian life & the plan of salvation are in my novel. Thank you.

Please pray for healing and restored good health for Christine. Please pray the excess fluid in her lungs disappears. Please pray the chemo destroys all cancer.
Thank you.