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O'heavnly father please put the right people in my life to move me on the 20 of july on at 12 noon and the 24 hrs I have to move and the money I need to move . and people are dependable for me. please let Janie come this Friday sat to pick up couches and hutch and cat and stuff. and clean for me. please protext e and my friends and bring Patrick and I and Gerry together. and have them help me for free. and let my move go easy and with a lot of free help. . forgive me of my sins . and make my life good and work out good . In Jesus Name Amen

Please pray for my son Kevin, he found his fiancé dead in the park-she had blown her head off with a gun. He cannot get the image out of his mind. He felt that he should have been able to save her. He was unaware of the depth of her depression. Please pray for Kevin to be able to give God his pain and sorrow and to understand that we do not know what goes on in another's mind & that we cannot take responsibility for the choices others make. Kevin and her were a team & and they seemed happy. He is totally devastated. He has nightmares. Please God, mercy and grace on Kevin. Guide to peace and direction to go forward into the future. We pray for Sara's soul. May she find peace. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you God for your love and guidance each and every day. Please help Kevin find his way - he is feeing lost and alone. He missed sara.

To restore my ears, body and mind to how they were before Robert died. I need a miracle and I want to help believe. I want to sing in God’s name. I am miserable and I don’t want to live like this.