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Pray for Others

I’m being Cursed with Forehead Disorientation in my perception.

Goopy Curses Wrap Around My Head, Neck, & Waist Pressuring It, , (75% of “Strings” is on Back of Head) Intertwine to My Hands, Triceps, in Eyes, Heavy Chest, Gripped Bottoms of Feet & Heels, Blindness.

“Weighted” Face, Back, & Arms, Stiff Legs & Calves, Inflammed Ear drums, Pinched Cocula & Nerve Endings. Midnight Wakeup & Nightmares. Painful Lungs.

I’m Covered in Death, Darkness. Oppressive, Gripping, Stiffening. Headaches, Knee Muscles Twitch. Heavy “Death” Legs. These witches send “Possessing” demons.

I use holy water, oil, incense to defeat this.

Please pray for us so that our minds can heal.

My brother and my Dad and their spending. Help them to make the wise, best choices. Asking about Scott and asking for protection from him and draining their resources. He is not working and has apprarently been using drugs. He lives in my brothers home rent free and he is 26 years old, able bodied. He will not get up on time to get to work.