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Please pray for my brain to heal so I do not worry.

Please pray that all works out for Marshall, with everything! That the car doesn't have any major problems and that it wont be too much to fix it and.that its.ok, pleas! He just got his job and doesn't yet have much money to put into the car! the car run ok until.he can get it worked on asap please! Also, that our whole family stays safe healthy Happy and successful and that our whole family stays safe while driving back and forth everywhere in all vehicles boats motorcycles planes etc! Please pray for us, thank you!! Please !

Father God, thank You for this day and for a good day of work. Thank You for Your blessings, intercession, guidance, strength, direction, focus, and love. Thank You for the opportunities You bless us with; I pray we meet them with preparation, enthusiasm, and a servant's heart. I pray You will please continue to give us Your gifts and that we freely share them with others. I pray that You will take control of my worry, fear, stress, and anxiety. I pray that my faith in You grows stronger and deeper each day, that I use it as my antidote for these negatives. I pray for Your help with the changes at work. I pray for Your help with CSMIII's LB. I pray for Your help completing everything that needs to get done while J is out. I pray for the right words to speak during my meeting with GM and FB next month. I pray for Your help with packing, our closings, and our move. Please watch over us as we sleep, work, and go to school. Thank You for our Lord and Savior, Jesus, through whom we have eternal life and salvation. In His name I pray, Amen!