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Continue praying for Jeremy -and his uncle Mike - for drug recovery their walk with God and their relationship as they live together and Jeremy's grandmother Mary.

Lord I'm asking for your love and understanding and wisdom to show me the way on my path I'm here in the new program that I've been praying for well to my own self be true first night here sitting in a seat I was asked If I mind moving down one when in fact there were several seats available I looked up at this young girl older enough to be my daughter I said give me a good reason why I should move over to let you sit here she had a lot to say I totally ignored the situation please pray for this girl they call Stevie I don't want to have a conflict that I already won Lord
I pray Lord

Asking For prayers for protection from God for me and my family .my neighbor thinks I have money and keep spreading lies and trying to bully me into a relationship with her. And I'm also asking for protection for me and my family from people who think we have money.