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Please continue to pray for Adam’s vertigo to resolve and for Pedro, my dad’s health to Improve and no new issues, and for Brian's seizures and his bladder infection to get completely better; may they all stay healthy
And for safety from the covid virus for my family, especially Adam, Pedro, Maddie, Marcie, Laurie, Nathaniel, Daniel, Oksana, Ceci, Paty, Steph and Vanessa and their families
May the Lord protect me and Stephie and Laurie and keep us healthy as we work in the hospital and in the covid ICU
And may the Lord rid the world of the coronavirus.

I need guidance in my career and path.

Pray for Compton to gain weight by the time he goes back to the doctor in 6 weeks,needs healing for distended abdomen, needs to walk without a cane.