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Please pray my ex calls me and loves me and wants me again. Please pray if he does not call or even if he does that God will not allow anything my ex does or doesn't do including rejecting me to hurt me or affect me ever again, nor any thought of him, nor anyone he is with or who wants him either, and no matter where he goes either. TY

My husband moved out of our home 7 months ago, he still comes to our home and does things for me. I have asked him to come home but he hasn't yet. Please pray for our marriage and for both of us. We are both believers and have been saved. He is the love of my life and I want our marriage to be restored. His first name is Leo.

I am a healthy, young boy, 22 years of age and used to be a frequent smoker.. after quitting a few weeks ago, I notice a small, hard lump on the side of my throat. This is quite worrisome because I know it doesn’t feel right and I know it is not just a swollen lymph node. I am seeing a ENT specialist on Wednesday to get it checked out— I am praying for the best, but fearing the worst.. please pray for me that I get good results and this truly is nothing to worry about.. thank you and God bless